Discover London's First Urban Winery - London CRU

Discover London’s First Urban Winery – London CRU

BQ6uJV2CMAA5-rLEver since our tipsy time in the the Napa Valley last year, we’ve had a hankering for another winery experience.

Fortuitously, we received a lovely email from London Cru – the first city winery opened in London.

It’s run by a team of experts that include international winemaker Gavin Monery and senior wine buyer Mark Andrew. London Cru is the first opportunity Londoners have had to get directly involved in the winemaking process.


The winery offers public tours, wine tastings, courses and custom winemaking.

Why not indulge a loved one’s penchant for a pleasant tipple this Christmas and get them a tour ticket or a winemaker-for-the-day experience…

Winery/Meet the Cru Tour 

They Say: How much do you know about wine? Ever visited a winery to see how it’s made? Well now you can without leaving Zone 1.


London is a hotbed for talented people making world class beers and spirits, so we thought it was time to do the same with wine. Come and ‘Meet the Cru’ and learn the workings of a winery, how our grapes went from the vineyards of Europe to the barrels of SW6, and most importantly, why we’re doing this.

The vintners will take you on a tour, explaining how the grapes are processed before being turned into wine, and to finish you’ll get to try our own London Cru wines from the barrel. Afterwards you’ll be able to compare our wines with those in the pop-up bar, where you’ll also be able to buy cheese and charcuterie to enjoy amongst the barrels.

Winery tour price: £15, for bookings please visit