London Crowdfunding - Help Make Something Happen

London Crowdfunding – Help Make Something Happen


Londinium is a city brimming with thoughtful ideas which can make great things happen!

The sad thing is, not all of them get the attention they deserve – but give your time and dosh and you could galvanise some uncontrollably grin-inducing marvels…

A project that inspired us recently is The Posh Club, a club for older people in Crawley by art-punk-cabaret outfit Duckie. The project only has one day left so please do donate if you’ve got a couple of quid and would like to support older people enjoying outrageous cabaret.

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It’s not just Duckie raising money to make something worthwhile happen – there are hundreds of projects on websites like Crowd funder and Kickstarter all over London and beyond.

Here are 3 more inspiring projects we found on crowdfunding websites:

1. Vegan lip balm Fruu – ends on Monday 19 September


2. Raise money and explore arty London with Maggie’s Culture Crawl on Friday 16 September, to help provide an understanding place to go for people with cancer.

maggies culture crawl

3. Help build Mother Juice Works in Hackney Wick – ends on Wednesday 14 September

mother juice London Crowdfunding

Useful Info

There’s some useful information about charity fundraising on Martin Lewis’ site, and on crowdfunding specifically on the NESTA website Crowding In.

Other ways you can help

It’s worth bearing in mind if there’s another way you can donate, through bank transfer, your time (volunteering is a great way of giving) or even a cheque (do these still exist?) – and make sure you approve Gift Aid on any money donations if you pay UK tax.


In the spirit of openness we want to disclose that a lot of these websites do charge fees to cover their costs. These are usually 5% + card processing fees (Stripe is usually the cheapest card processor so look out for platforms using them).

Do you know of any great crowdfunding projects everyone should know about? Why not leave a comment below.