London To Do List - 29 April-5 May 2013

London To Do List – 29 April-5 May 2013

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Our fab weekly London To Do List continues, with plenty of free, cheap and offbeat treats to get you through the week!

And whatever you’re doing on Saturday – May the 4th be with you!

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One Table Dining Club | Soho kitchen Club | 7.30pm | £35

They Say: ONE Table continues its residency at Soho Kitchen Club where Christopher Caudle will be cooking a series of beautiful dinners, inspired by his chef experience and love of great food.

Soho Kitchen Club is the perfect venue for ONE Table. Come and relax in an open plan Soho apartment where the kitchen merges with the dining space so you’ll feel at home and part of the action.

With seating for up to 30 people, there is plenty of space for groups, couples and singles too. The more the merrier!

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New Cross & Deptford Free Film Festival: Brand X | Goldsmiths College Cinema | 7pm | Free

They Say: Conceived and born between 1968 and early 1970, Brand X (Dir Wynn Chamberlain, 1970, USA, 87 mins) uses simplistic television programming of that era as a frame to expose and ridicule the politics and taboos of the day.

The film will be introduced by Sam Chamberlain, son of the director, who will also be available to answer questions after the screening.

New Cross & Deptford Free Film Festival runs until May 5th.

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EastEnd Cabaret: Notoriously Kinky | Soho Theatre | 9:30pm | £10

They Say: Direct from a three-month tour of Australia, deviant diva Bernadette Byrne and half-moustachioed musician Victor Victoria are the award-winning EastEnd Cabaret: international purveyors of playfully perverse musical comedy.

From ping-pong ball exploits in Thailand to dealing with unexpected hangovers and attempting to deflower virgins, the duo’s raucous mix of salacious original songs and ‘jaw-achingly funny character comedy‘ (Backstage Pass) has titillated and captivated crowds all over the UK, Europe and Australia.

Notoriously Kinky runs until May 4th

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Comedy at Apartment 58 | Apartment 58 | 7:00pm | £5

They Say: THE PAINTED GRIN invite you to an evening of award winning comedy from comedians on the London comedy and cabaret circuit. Hosted by Time Out nominated comedian, Jayde Adams – come laugh with London’s comedy elite before they inevitably hit the big time.

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Re:THINK Festival | 3Space Blackfriars| All Day | Free

They Say: From 1st – 3rd May, 3Space’s new hub in Blackfriars will be transformed into an interactive playground for Re:THINKing the ways that we use our cities and resources

We’ll be hosting exhibitions, interactive displays, workshops, talks and discussions, panels and parties, all of which are designed to get you and your organisation exploring, promoting and celebrating new ideas for the ways that we interact with our environment.

Re:THINK Festival runs until May 3rd.

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Fits and Giggles – with Chris Fitchew and Emma Packer | RVT | 7:30pm | £8

They Say: An evening of top notch stand up comedy, sharp sketches and side splitting musical comedy…..this will be an action packed evening of gigantic comic proportions…. Featuring Chris Neill, Vikki Stone & Pam Ford.

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Holestar Presents: Sorry I’m A Lady | Vogue Fabrics | 8pm | £7

They Say: Post feminist and underground queer icon Holestar “London’s favourite Tranny with a Fanny”(Time Out London) celebrates ten years of international entertaining, showing off and criss-cross dressing with her first full length solo show, ‘Sorry I’m A Lady’.

Exploring aspects of her unconventional showgirl biography, the show covers her time in the British Army, as a Professional Dominatrix, artist, pop star, DJ, writer and promoter through song, storytelling and humour.

The show premières in a club space like the fore-mothers of contemporary alternative drag, The Cockettes, at East London’s queerest venue, Vogue Fabrics.

Ahead of each show, Holestar will expose her transformation to the public in the open window of Vogue Fabrics as a living mannequin, revealing the process how she transforms into her uber camp alter ego.

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Tom Rosenthal : благодаря | The Last Refuge | 8pm | £6

They Say: Tom Rosenthal (C4’s Friday Night Dinner, ITV2’s Plebs, his mirror) was nominated for Best Newcomer at the British Comedy Awards and won the prestigious Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year. He has done televised comedy on a stage (Dave’s One Night Stand) and behind a table (8 out of 10 Cats). He went to Bulgaria and changed a bit. Let him tell you about it whilst you drink.

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The LipSinkers | RVT | 9:30pm | £8

They Say: The LipSinkers at The RVT 1st Friday of every month with new skits, classic hits & all the usual chutzpah!

After-party late with DJ Sqeaky (Dalston Superstore) & guests on the decs.

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Make Believe Festival | Islington Metal Works | 8pm | £15

They Say: Alongside an exciting line up of live music, breath-taking performances & wondrous artwork, Make Believe promises to reawaken the imaginative playful side of festival experiences. With its emphasis on transporting its audience to strange altered histories and enchanted realms for them to discover and explore themselves. The Make Believe Festival is a rabbit hole into a universe of stories.

Make Believe Festival runs until May 5th – Weekend Tickets are £35

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Soiree Pompette | The Last Refuge | 7pm | £7

They Say: Voulez vous parler en français avec nous ce soir? Even if all you can manage is a mime at the bar we’re confident you’ll feel bilingual by the end of the night.

Join us for an absurd night of variety acts, bingo and red wine… all in French of course!

More Info // Buy Tickets

I’ll Be Your Mirror London | Alexandra Palace | From Midday | £59

They Say: Saturday 4th May sees the long awaited return of New York’s mighty Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who will play their first London headline show in four years. The band will be personally handpicking the line-up for their day – day tickets cost £59. Also featuring The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion!, The Locust, Black Lips, The Field, J.G. Thirlwell’s Manorexia & MORE!

More Info // Book Tickets

Camp Sink The Pink | Bethnal Green Working Mens Club | 9pm | £7

They Say: Hi De Hi Campers, time to climb aboard the Irrational sexpress as we take a summer trip to CAMP SINK THE PINK. Taking everything that the great British seaside has to offer, Bingo halls and Bingo wings, Butlins red coats, end of the pier freaks, Pervy Magicians and their twisted sidekicks, tan lines, wife beaters, drunk girls from Halifax, fooling around behind the caravan, Drag queens from Blackpool, teenage naughty antics and MORE!

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Spin London | The Old Truman Brewery | From 10:30am | £7

They Say: SPIN London is the worlds’ first urban focused bicycle consumer show & festival, making it’s debut in East London on the bank holiday weekend of 3rd, 4th, 5th May 2013.

Set in the historic hotbed of consumer cool & street culture at The Old Truman Brewery in East London, SPIN London promises to be the hottest ticket the city has to offer for cycle traders, enthusiasts & the general public.

Spin London runs from Friday 3rd until Sunday 5th May.

More Info // Book Tickets

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