London To Do List - 15-21 July 2013

London To Do List – 15-21 July 2013

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Our fab weekly London To Do List continues, with plenty of free, cheap and offbeat treats to get you through the week!

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// Monday //

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This Show Has No Name | London Wonderground | 7.15pm | FREE

This Show Has No Name

Always wanted to be part of “the most advanced experiential piece of theatre ever devised”? Well, here’s your chance, courtesy of Christopher Green, one of the creative brains behind Office Party back in 2011. Perfect for both wall-flowers and show-offs.

This Show Has No Name also hits London Wonderground on September 16th & 17th – More Info & Book Tickets

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New Movement Collective: NEST | 136 Shaftesbury Avenue | 7pm | £19ish


New Movement Collective brings together a new generation of choreographers, developing work “that is directly presented in response to different and unusual theatrical settings”, challenging “the notions of traditional performance, and aiming to “evolve the landscape of contemporary theatre”.

Taking inspiration from Homer’s epic poem ‘The Odyssey’, NEST sees the disciplines of dance, architecture, animation and interactive light technologies come together, weaving a tapestry of exploration and adventure.

NEST runs July 15th-24th – More Info & Book Tickets

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// Tuesday //

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BUG and The House of St Barnabas present: 37 Things You Need to Know About Modern Britain | The House of St Barnabas | 7.30pm | £10


Part 2: “What your lunch says about you”, featuring Miranda Sawyer, Richard Benson, Tom Viney and Rosie Lovell.

The second in a series of talks from London-based cultural consultancy Bug, in partnership with The House of St Barnabas, 37 Things You Need to Know About Modern Britain is “a series of talks that offer fresh and insightful viewpoints on popular culture”.

They Say: “Food used to be something you ate. Now it’s a status symbol – fetishised and instagrammed and literally drooled over. With the rise of the foodie, the emergence of the chef as superstar DJ, the explosion in street food, the problems with cupcakes and the Brits judging each others lunchtime sandwich, Bug’s kitchen cabinet explain why we eat what we do and why we aren’t what we eat.”

More Info // Buy Tickets

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FIGHT LIKE APES + THROWING UP + SPECIAL GUESTS | Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen | 8pm | £11.50

fight like apes

Fight Like Apes return after a (nearly) two year hiatus, and are currently touring their brand of karate infused punk electronica around a few select venues.

Get with the cool kids in Hoxton Square (remember Hoxton? It used to be cool, one, way back…) and enjoy this kooky band before they, erm, go on hiatus again…

More Info // Buy Tickets

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// Wednesday //

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I Love Lists | The Gallery Cafe | 7.30pm | £5


So, obviously, we’re prone to a list or seven – so this event is right up our tree-lined avenue!

American presenter Jess Indeedy, of Musical Bingo fame, hosts the world’s only list-making night – “you’ll define what you love, loathe, and you’ll learn interesting facts about yourself and your friends. The night concludes with an awards ceremony for your listing skills.” A FIVER SAYS WE WIN!

More Info // Buy Tickets

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Frenz Presentz… OUTSIDE LIVE MUSIC – The Bonfire Band, The Hills Have Riffs & Eva Abraham | The Courtyard, Strongroom | 7pm | FREE


Ah, the courtyard at the Strongroom – one of our favourite boozing spots pretty much all-year-round, and now this!

The Bonfire Band, The Hills Have Riffs & Eva Abraham bring their distinctive sounds to the Strongroom – grab a pint or five, and chill out (if possible given the heat) to some nifty sounds at this great Shoreditch venue!

More Info

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// Thursday //

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Vacuum Cleaner | Arcola Theatre | 8pm | £14


Look, it’s simple: we LOVE this show!

Show is kind of the wrong word really – as they say, this is “an absurdist, honest and courageous piece exploring the relationship between performer and audience.” But don’t let that put you off, it’s really not wanky at all!

Expect to laugh, and possibly also cry – prepare to be surprised and, most of all, prepare to have your faith in modern ‘theatre’ thoroughly refreshed and restored!

Vacuum Cleaner runs July 18th-20th – More Info & Buy Tickets

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Put Out Your Little Tongue | Arcola Tent |  7.45pm | £7/5


Part of Dalston People’s festival, this is one night in a tent NOT to be missed! As they say, it’s “time to say goodbye to Walt Disney and ‘happily ever afters’ and enter the dark delicious unknown, featuring some of London’s most exciting queer performers, artists, musicians and film makers all stuffed in to the Arcola Tent for one night only!”

Featuring Lazlo Pearlman, Ernesto Sarezale, Marcus Reeves, Rene L’Amour, Darren Purnell, Mucky Puppets, Jesse Lawrence and Lydia Darling to name just a few!

More Info // Buy Tickets


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State of Independence Launch Party w/ Live Q&A with Theo Parrish | Boxpark | 8pm | Free

10666_663495630331519_1672856343_n (1)

For just one week, the State of Independence pop-up store at Boxpark will feature a range of designer wares, music and art from an impressive array of creative independents, as well as hosting a series of workshops and talks by the likes of CDR, pan-African journal Chimurenga, and more.

At the launch party, there will be discussions on the notion of independence and culture with Theo Parrish, with music from The Insomniax and NTS Radio founder, Mr Wonderful.

More Info

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History’s Greatest Monster V | The Water Poet |  7pm | £7/6


Right, stick with us on this one: a themed comedy gig, where stand-ups perform sets inspired by, erm, history! Yup, history – everything from those saucy, homoerotic Greeks, to those galavanting romantic poets, or the French head-chopping fetish of the late 18th century! This month, the line-up includes Mark Dolan, Trodd en Bratt, Ed O’Meara, Jack Kelly and Max Davis, along with host Mike Shephard.

More Info // Buy Tickets


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// Friday //

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Eat Your Heart Out | Shoreditch Town Hall | 7pm | £15

970316_10152828480280203_1989788748_n (1)

Over the last five years, the Eat Your Heart Out collective have been showing off – their stated aim “to annoy people from both the cabaret and live art scene who thought it socially acceptable to do Liza Millenni covers wearing fishnets or bleed in a gallery and have the cheek to call it art”.

Now, before they become “the world’s first pixelated performance company”, EYHO invite you to their last live performance.

With performances from Scottee, Nigel & Louise (Shunt), Duo Bogoff (Sue Hart & Matthew Bowyer), Damien Slash, Paul Kindersley, Season Butler, Miss Annabel Sings, Nando Messias, Masumi Tipsy Saito and Ginger Johnson. Films from Theo Adams Company, Matthew Stone, Guy Wigmore and Angel Rose. Pay-what-you-want haircuts / styling from Open Barbers.

You can also catch EYHO on Saturday July 20th – More Info & Buy Tickets

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Crashed | Abandoned Car Park, Notting Hill  | Various Times | £10.50 (preview)


They Say: “A UFO has crashed in an abandoned car park in Notting Hill. This bizarre object is being analysed by Crashed & Co, an independent company recruited by the government to investigate. There are currently no signs of any life forms.

Crashed & Co has been granted exclusive permission to give audiences a once in a lifetime tour of the crash site. This company would like to assure any parties interested that nothing untoward should happen during their tour, as the situation is completely under control

This is not a hoax. This evidence is available to all.”

Crashed runs until July 27th – More Info & Buy Tickets

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EuroFest featuring Hera Bjork | Royal Vauxhall Tavern | 9pm | £8/5


They Say: “The summer is here and we are ready for a party! London’s biggest Eurovision, Europop and Schlager club night returns on Friday 19 July, and we have a fantastic live act – none other than the amazing Hera Björk!”

More Info // Buy Tickets

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// Saturday //

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Lambeth Country Show | Brockwell Park | from 12pm | FREE


The Lambeth Country Show returns to Brockwell Park in its 39th year, boasting a unique line-up that celebrates the very best of town and country.

Organised by Lambeth Council, this show has all the attractions of a traditional country fair: home grown vegetables, jams and chutneys – all that jazz! There are also horticultural shows, along with sheep dog and owl displays throughout the weekend, all with a distinctly urban South London vibe.

Lambeth Country Show continues on Sunday July 21st – More Info

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Cassette Boy VDJ Show @ Club De Fromage | O2 Academy Islington | 10:30pm | £7.55


London’s biggest Pop and Fancy Dress Night, Club De Fromage, just got better with the addition of the hilarious Cassetteboy performing a special warm up VDJ show ahead of their Edinburgh Festival performance.

Cassetteboy are best known for their YouTube videos. Their smash hit The Bloody Apprentice, in which Alan Sugar talks about shitting frying pans, has been watched four and a half million times. Must be good then, eh?

More Info // Buy Tickets

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// Sunday //

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Life by NeoBallet | Arts Theatre | 7.30pm | £22/18


They Say: “LIFE! is the world premiere of the emerging, London-based company Neo Ballet. Led by young Argentinean choreographer Maria Clara Irisarri, the show utilizes neo-classical ballet to portrait stages and experiences we go through in our lives as told through the eyes of a young girl in a highly dynamic choreographic work. Drawing from Maria Clara’s personal life growing up in Argentina and traveling the world, LIFE! explores a rollercoaster of emotions, from loss, to new beginnings, temptation, love, freedom and death.”

Life returns on August 4th & 18th – More Info & Buy Tickets