lady vendredi

Interview: Super heroine Lady Vendredi

We caught up with the mysterious Lady Vendredi to talk about her quest & her London.

See her live as part of Battle Cry! the unmissable ‘immersive dance-theatre-ritual event’ this Thursday 22 & Friday 23 October at the Roundhouse.

Who is Lady Vendredi? Is she a character?

Lady Vendredi is a super heroine. She is on a quest. She is from a parallel dimension.  

We fell in love with this quote in the event description: ‘Imagine Grace Jones in a live Blaxploitation movie directed by John Waters.’

Tell us about Battle Cry! at the Roundhouse, what should we expect to see?

lady vendredi

Lady Vendredi

I wish I could tell you. I have no idea what will happen. There will ecstatic dance, transformations, possessions, Vodou jazz and heavy rhythms. Somebody will be sacrificed – beauty demands a sacrifice.

What was your journey to creating this immersive dance-theatre-ritual?

Its been intense. Travelling across dimensions can take its toll – but also brings releases of deep energy. 

What makes your work different?

Mmm. The combination of ecstatic ritual, performance art, magic, music and myth. It makes for a heady experience.

Haitian Voudou Altar, Wikipedia

Haitian Voudou Altar, Wikipedia

Who or what inspires you?

Lady Snowblood. Doctor Who. Yeats. Ben Okri. T.S. Elliot. The sea. Haitian Vodou. Evangelical ceremonies. The Bootstrap Paradox.  

What are your favourite places to go in London? 

I love to party at a lovely secret warehouse in Manor House. To relax – got to be parklike – loving Clissold Park at the moment – its getting beautiful misty sunsets. Its always a thrill to cross the river, even if you’re just on your way to somewhere dull. V&A is always inspiring and epic.  

What are your favourite free or cheap things to do in London?

clissold park

Clissold Park

I love to cycle everywhere and enjoy the untrodden and the rarely seen.  Take in a sunset on the Thames. Notting Hill Carnival Good Times soundsystem used to be the best party ever. Any of the free art galleries – especially John Soane’s House – just bathe in the beauty. I love just hanging around in amazing building.

Alt classical clubs are great – always pretty cheap – like Nonclassical or Multi Story Orchestra at the car park in Peckham. Failing all that – cava + park = good times.

It’s weird actually – although cost of living for most of us is crippling, it’s never been a better time to experience amazing events for free or cheap. What a city!