V&A Lates: Kensington Gore - Tonight Free Halloween Extravaganza w/ Amy Grimehouse

V&A Lates: Kensington Gore – Tonight Free Halloween Extravaganza w/ Amy Grimehouse

V&A Lates: Kensington Gore - Tonight Free Halloween Extravaganza w/ Amy Grimehouse 1V&A Presents FRIDAY LATE: Kensington Gore with MasterCard |  Friday 26 October | 18.30–22.00

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Celebrate the horror movie genre at the V&A this Halloween for the best in fabricated fright.

Highlights include: Amy Grimehouse making the new ‘Murder She Wrote’ movie live, free screening of Dario Argento’s  ‘The Stendhal Syndrome’, a free talk on Witchcraft in Fashion and so much more.

All events are free and places designated on a first come, first served basis, unless stated otherwise.

Victorian Séance | Meeting point and tickets at Exhibition Road Entrance | Every 15 minutes from 18.45 to 20.30 

Following the death of her beloved Albert, Queen Victoria was a keen attendee of séances to make contact once again. Join Eric Pecora, Grimehouse’s resident medium, to try to make contact with the museum’s namesake.

Terrible Tarot | Room 26 | Drop in 18.30 – 21.45 

Come get your cards read by Grimehouse’s Martin or Claire Voyant. They will read your future with almost instant results.

Grand Entrance | 21.00 – 21.30

Amy Grimehouse presents a Halloween game show testing two teams’ wits against each other through a series of challenges, with host extraordinaire Holestar. Will you get a trick or a treat? Preceded by a walk-off for those who look especially horrific.

Hammy Horror | Sackler Centre Lobby | 18.30 – 21.30

Take part in Amy Grimehouse’s very own Hammy Horror. Be part of a trailer for a new feature-length version of ‘Murder She Wrote –The Movie’ including a cast of stars: Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, Lady Gaga, Jackie Collins, Jessica Fletcher herself and many, many more.

Dead Art Therapy | Sackler Centre Art Studio | Drop in 18.30 – 21.30 

Have you demons that need exorcising? Did no one give you sweets on Halloween? (Diddums.) Well, Amy Grimehouse’s Dead Art Therapy probably won’t help. Embrace your inner creative and take part in a number of activities:

Re-appropriate colouring-in books to form a horror-themed comic

Try your hand at still life with an appropriately styled subject matter

Customise your very own specially produced Amy Grimehouse bloody brilliant poster to take home.

V&A Lates: Kensington Gore - Tonight Free Halloween Extravaganza w/ Amy Grimehouse 2


Art Installation: The Graveyard of Broken Dreams

Artist Steven Astley, has faithfully recreated the twilight world of a neglected Victorian graveyard in which, with a bit of camera trickery, you can be photographed next to your own grave.

Talk: Witchcraft Through Fashion

Film Screening: ‘The Stendhal Syndrome’, a film by Dario Argento

Horror maestro Dario Argento reaches new heights of florid fantasy and Grand Guignol with this warped work of art. In Italian with English subtitles. This film is rated 18 and contains strong, bloody and sexual violence.

Talk: Sir Christopher Frayling

‘Visualising Horror – the art of seeing the unseen’.

Performance: Appointment With All Saints by Dumbshow

Once a year the Saint-Makers come to the sick/scared/inflicted, prescribing bespoke sacred guides to soothe your ills. You will not find St Christopher, Francis or Nick here. We deal in the oddball, eccentric and unheard-of saints.

Talk: Suzanne Corbie

Origins and Practice of Halloween

Performance: The Meyer Dancers

London’s finest specialist 1960s GoGo Dance Company.

Performance: NTS Radio presents ‘Estasy’

ESTASY conjures up otherworldly noises that come from the very depths of the earth. The music comes from the heart with his eerie falsetto, the mythical masks, costumes and thousands of animal ghosts.

Etc: The Mark Of The Devil

Unique temporary tattoo transfers

Tour: The Horrors of the V&A

NTS Radio conduct a horrifically illuminating, if somewhat dubious, tour of the Museum.