Comic Katherine Ryan's London To Do List

Comic Katherine Ryan’s London To Do List

We caught up with filthy clever comedienne Katherine Ryan, who we met at her rather superb take over of Jeff Leach’s LOL Comedy clubFollow her on Twitter or see her Edinburgh Fringe  show Nature’s Candy, otherwise you are A SEXIST PIG!

Here’s what she has to say on London:

Secret places

I don’t have any secret places, or secrets in general. My flat is the best place ever so I stay there. It’s got a garden, a dog, TV, internet, a coffee maker, and a baby in it. We live in Crouch End, which is the best neighbourhood in the history of man. We go to ‘Perfection‘ nail salon sometimes so that the kid can learn Korean and also get a £3 manicure. THREE POUNDS. Just for toddlers though. There’s an amazing vintage clothing shop that’s just opened in Crouch End. But not ‘homeless’ vintage. More ‘Mad Men’ American vintage. It’s great. We go to the parks to feed the ducklings, but they only ever last a couple days at a time before they are eaten by foxes. My favourite restaurant in Crouch End is called ‘Thaitanic’.

Events this month

I’m previewing my Edinburgh Fringe show, taking super important television superstar meetings, having a birthday, going to Nickelodeon World in Blackpool, and generally busting out all over this June.

A film I was in called ‘You’ll Regret It’ is being screened at The Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn on Sunday. That’s a nice place. Also, I’m performing stand-up comedy at Paradise by Kensal Green on July 11th and that’s a beautiful, sexy venue fo sho ho.


My favourite thing to do for little money is to hit up Marks & Spencer for cheese, olives and white wine before a train journey to a gig, or maybe just for a picnic in the park with a sensual man. Then I toss my hair and speak French for as long as I can stand it.

Ultimate London Confession

I was raised Catholic and at real confession, mine was always ‘Father, forgive me for I have been teasing my sister’. I guess that’s also my ultimate London confession, because I’ll tease her anywhere in the world.


Please come to my Edinburgh Fringe show. Or buy the tickets and don’t come. I don’t give a fuck really. LOVE YOU!!! xx