Not the Usual Interview: Jon & Nath - Sketch Comedy Duo

Not the Usual Interview: Jon & Nath – Sketch Comedy Duo

Jon & Nath Like To Party | Aces & Eights, Tufnell Park | Sunday 13 November, 7.30pm | £5 tickets at door

We eavesdropped on a conflab being had by sketch comedy peeps Jon & Nath ahead of their show at Aces & Eights this week. Here’s what we heard…

NATH: So Jon, what do you like best about working with me?

JON: There are so many things I don’t like about working with you that listing what I actually don’t mind would be misleading to call ‘best’. You definitely bring the best out of me which you should be proud of.

NATH: Losers always whine about their best.

JON: Nice quote. But I am sure people would have some interest in hearing about your favourite sketch from our show?

NATH: I have no solos so it’s hard to pick. Probably the one we just wrote about E. Steven the method actor, because I haven’t had to perform it with you yet. But honestly I always look forward to being abused by you on stage because your performance is very truthful and I find it easier to react to. Do you realise when we did ‘Jehovahs’ at the Sketchfest finals you slapped me so hard I had welts on my face? The judges probably felt you went too far and that’s why we didn’t win.

JON: To be honest I sort of forgot we were on stage at that point. I did feel pretty guilty when I saw the photo you posted on Twitter but then remembered we hadn’t won Sketchfest which I blame you for. Learn how to take a slap for fuck’s sake. Coincidently, my favourite sketch is ‘Jehovahs’ where I get to slap you.

NATH: We wrote all the beatings for you because I’m the only one who can take it without crying. And you insisted on doing all the dancing too, which I find interesting. I think the reason audiences respond so well to our ‘Robot Dancing’ sketch is because with a bucket on your head it’s the first time they can look at you without wincing. You have some stand-up material about robots. And you wrote a mildly amusing blog about them. Are you actually a robot?

JON: No, and that blog post was way more amusing than ‘mild’. As for the dancing I can’t help being gifted while you have the rhythmic ability of a sea-sponge. I think we are digressing from the point of this, which is to entice people into coming to see our show ‘Jon & Nath Like to Party’. Can you sum up what people can expect to see and exactly how much laughter they can expect to laugh?

NATH: They’ll see a sketch comedy performance that Beat Magazine called “smooth, intelligent and very funny” – full of silly characters, impressions, slapstick and some very good writing. And they’ll laugh exactly £5 pounds worth of laughter each. I’m proud of this show, it’s the culmination of many colourful years of friendship and inspired sessions of hard creative work with you. It comes from our heart and is unique to Jon & Nath. Beat that for honesty.

JON: In closing I just want to say I love you. People who come to our show and pay the paltry £5 pound entry will need a doggy bag to take all the excess laughter home with them. See you Sunday, dick hole.

NATH: It’ll be too soon.

JON: I can’t wait to have a month off from you.

If you can’t get enough of Jon and Nath why not watch their showreel below: