JOIN THE REBELLION: Top picks for the Albany’s REBELS season

JOIN THE REBELLION: Top picks for the Albany’s REBELS season

REBELS Season | The Albany, Deptford | 11 April – 1 June | FREE – £14  (incl. Pay-What-You-Decide)

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Three for two on all shows and discounts for Lewisham Homes residents.

The season is packed and a lot of thought has gone into the programming, this is a real feat for the Albany and spans all three of their venues for nearly two months. Keep an eye on their social media for chances to get super cheap tickets or unlock hidden highlights.

The 5⭐ Selection

Drawing the Line

A competitive and collaborative game that tells us a story about nationhood and nationalism and questions our complicity. Participation isn’t expected but you get so much more from the game if you play. From the interactive experts Hidden Track this topical (and timeless) is playful but carries real substance. You can easily go alone, to take part or just observe, but it’s best enjoyed with some friends. Thurs –Sat 9 -25 May. £14/10

Lady Vendredi: Neon Dreams

Mythical, interdimensional pop goddess Lady Vendredi returns with another immersive stage show born on the queer cabaret scene. Unabashedly East London and rebelliously African, her frenetic beats and empowering lyrics sit alongside classical piano and a psychedelic aesthetic to deliver live shows that defy easy pigeonholing. Expect spectacle, science and SF. Sat 20 April. £14/10

No Frills: Working Class Dinner Party with Scottee

First seen at the Marly, this is a curated interrogation of class in the arts, pivoting around the focal point of social housing and council estates. Provocative commentator and performer Scottee hosts. A chance to speak if you have a working class perspective to give, and a chance to listen if you don’t. There will be pizza, protest and the proletariat but not necessarily in that order. Sat 11 May. PWYD

Fatty Fat Fat

The one you’ve almost certainly heard of. It was a hit at this year’s Vault Festival and is currently out on tour. Celebrated solo performer Katie Greenhall (working here with producer Daisy Hale of OV12 and director Maddy Moore of The Thelmas) is learning to take up as much space as she needs and you’re invited to pop open a bag of crisps and join. A smorgasbord of humour, pathos, pain and celebration. Weds 22nd May. £14/10

Cocoa Butter Club x House of Burlesque

Cocoa Butter Club

A heavyweight cabaret doubleheader. Treat yourself to bravery and boundary breaking from queer and PoC faves Cocoa Butter Club and follow it up with feminist strippers serving satire on stilettos with House of Burlesque, all on one ticket. A chance to see the cream of cabaret royalty and bright young contenders within sniffing distance of the fish market. Fri 17 May. £14/10

House of Burlesque

Best for…

Kids: A 21st Century Tea Dance: Revolutionaries! (Free to carers and Under 5s) Tue 21 May
Access: AZ Hub Sun 28 April / 26 May (All Albany venues are Relaxed)
Activism: Question Time Cabaret Thur 2 May
Engagement: No Frills: Working Class Dinner Party Sat 11 May
Listening: JB Rose, Lizzie Emeh and Grace Savage Thur 23 May
Glistening: Cocoa Butter Club x House of Burlesque Fri 17 May
Collaboration: Drawing the Line Thur – Sat 9- 25 May
Local connections: Leyendekker Fri 3 May / Debtford TBA


Sophie London is a Theatre Technician and Stage Manager but the cinema is her first love. Find her at Total Theatre Magazine or anywhere near a cat.