Celebrate William S Burroughs' Birthday at INTERZONE

Celebrate William S Burroughs’ Birthday at INTERZONE

Interzone | Secret London Location | February 7 | 8pm – 3am | From £20

Marking William S Burroughs’ centenary, Guerilla Zoo present an experiential event inspired by the man himself.

There can be no doubt that a man whose writing and ideas changed the course of literature and spawned new directions in music and film, would approve of Interzone – a “strange and seedy surreal metaphorical stateless city” which plays host to an immersive spectacle, combining promenade theatre, music, performance art, films, and art installations.


  • An immersive Burroughs sprawling city recreated
  • The Interzone Marketplace
  • Magikal & Alien creatures
  • Crews of ’Wild Boys’, decadent artists, gun-runners, government agents, criminals, artists, drug smugglers, tax-evading tycoons
  • Promenade theatre, music, performances art, films and art installations

They Say: If you wish to truly become an indecent citizen of Interzone, you may need to wear the appropriate attire. All are welcome, especially :

Misfits, Terrorists, Traffickers of Delusion, Tribes, Deviants, Delinquents, Corrupt Officials, Beatniks, Mugwumps, Government Agents, Re-occurring Dream Characters, Lady Boys, Drag Kings, Cannibals, Merchants of Sex, Time Travellers, Practitioners of the Dark Arts, People who aren’t allowed on planes, Gypsies, Egyptian Gods, Arabian Royalty, Sufi Dervishes & Moroccan Hawkers.

Time to dust off our Merchants of Sex outfits then…

Intrigued much?

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