Interview: Vulvarine: A New Musical's  Robyn Grant and Daniel Foxx

Interview: Vulvarine: A New Musical’s Robyn Grant and Daniel Foxx

We caught up with Robyn Grant and Daniel Foxx the team behind Vulvarine A New Musical a bonkers mix of ‘Legally Blonde, Avenue Q and an episode of Danger Mouse’ coming to Vault Festival in March

Vulvarine: A New Musical | VAULT Festival, Waterloo | 13-17 March 2019 | £15

Tell us about Vulvarine. How did the idea come about and what should an audience expect? 

After an outpouring of superhero musicals which follow a very traditional format with a male protagonist and bland female characters (only plonked there as something for the hero to rescue/obtain) we decided it was time for an antidote. Enter Vulvarine, feminist superhero fighting every day sexism and the personification of the patriarchy, super villain, The Mansplainer. Throw in some catchy 80’s esque hits, a very naughty cat puppet and big belly laughs and we had ourselves a musical! 

What or who are your influences for making this kind of show? 

Robyn: In terms of style Vulvarine feels somewhere between Legally Blonde, Avenue Q and an episode of Danger Mouse. Personally, I’m very inspired by Victoria Wood and try to create a warm British relatable humour in all of my work.  

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Dan: 80s power ballads and big-haired-icons. Cher, Bon Jovi, Bonnie Tyler, mixed with some of the campy vibe from the superhero comic book classics like Wonder Woman and Superman. 

You’re going on a UK tour. Where are you most excited about exploring? 

We have some incredibly exciting regional venues on our list as well as two amazing London runs at VAULT Festival and the Kings Head. We feel so fortunate to visit all of these incredible places, meet the audiences, try the local beer and see how Premier Inns vary across the UK! If it’s good enough for Lenny Henry it’s good enough for us. 

What are your favourite London haunts? (to eat, to watch new shows, to relax) 

Robyn: The train at Kings Cross leaving for Leeds? Lol jk. I’m a big fan of Camden Passage and around Angel for wandering. I also love hanging around the South Bank (can you get any better than the National Theatre shop!?) For watching shows I’m a huge fan of all the new musicals championed by the Southwark Playhouse, great new writing at the King’s Head and any immersive work I can find! 

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Vaulty Towers

Dan: There’s a stretch around Waterloo Station that I absolutely love. Drinks and cake at the Scooter Cafe on Lower Marsh, followed by more drinks just down the road at the Vaulty Towers pub. And because theatre bars are kind of my jam, that usually ends up with a wander down to the Young Vic to try out one of their fancy (but surprisingly cheap) cocktails. Show-wise, I’ve got to hand it again to the Young Vic and also the Soho Theatre. They’ve always got a refreshing mix of new shows, a great atmosphere, and, most importantly of all, plenty of leg room for a long boy like me.