Interview: Veronica Lin, Head of Brand & Strategy at social media platform Playsee

Interview: Veronica Lin, Head of Brand & Strategy at social media platform Playsee

As new social media app Playsee – a community-driven social media platform that encourages users to explore what’s on their front doorstep and share their favourite local gems with their neighbours – releases a map which highlights some of the best small retail destinations in Greater London, we caught up with Head of Brand & Strategy Veronica Lin to talk about Playsee, local businesses, the positive side of social media, and Things To Do In London.

Hi Veronica, thank you for chatting with us. Tell us about Playsee. What’s it all about?

Playsee is a social media platform that highlights locally-shared videos and discussions that encourage people to explore their surroundings and build closer relationships with their community. The platform focuses on local neighbourhood happenings via video content and communal discussions, presented through the lens and voices of locals and visitors. Playsee encourages users to take their online experiences into the real world, with the content on the platform focused on authenticity, giving users a direct lens into what’s going on around them as opposed to curated content that is unrealistic. The platform aims to redefine how we use and engage with social media, bringing people closer to their communities and supporting local businesses.

Interview: Veronica Lin, Head of Brand & Strategy at social media platform Playsee 1

Who or what inspires you to support local businesses?

Local businesses bring a wealth of gems to neighbourhoods and communities – and supporting these businesses is key to enriching the life where we live. Many of us see the value in supporting local businesses and are actively shopping, drinking and eating more locally since the pandemic. Playsee was created to provide authentic local content to people through sharing neighbourhood happenings, local gems, one-off events and honest recommendations to provide genuine interactions in the real world. As a local social platform, this provides an opportunity for local businesses and customers to be closer than ever before.

What are the benefits of shopping locally this holiday season and how do you think social media can help?

London during Christmas is like a festive wonderland, filled with cultural treasures and a diverse tapestry of experiences. Yet, in the season of giving, it’s easy to get lost in the same old bustling hotspots. Trendy social content and ‘must-visit’ lists may lead you to places overrun with people and swiftly lose the Christmas spirit. By visiting off-the-beaten-track neighbourhoods, markets and cultural landmarks you get to skip the queues and overpricing, but more importantly, support and champion local businesses that aren’t as well known. Social media platforms, like Playsee, are the destinations for those who want to discover hidden gems and support their local community. The app empowers users to share content and tips on the best neighbourhood-centric spots to discover.

What are your favourite London haunts?

I have a few favourites scattered all across London, and love discovering new places from Playsee or friends’ recommendations. In Herne Hill, there’s a brilliant gift store where you can buy a present for anyone called Nor. For eating out, there’s a cute and cosy restaurant in Shoreditch called Popolo which serves small plates. The restaurant is quite small, so feels very intimate with the candlelit atmosphere.

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