the pussywarmers

Interview – The Pussywarmers

We caught up with The Pussywarmers, a delightfully strange horn fuelled 20s ensemble, ahead of their gig at Wilton’s Music Hall this Saturday at 9pm. Read on for an offbeat treat of an interview…

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So erm, where exactly did ‘The Pussywarmers’ group name come from?

We kinda saw this one coming… Well, it comes from a moment of absolute epiphany, something like that scene in “Boogie Nights”, where Dirk Diggler has the vision for his screen name. But don’t forget it’s no longer simply “The Pussywarmers”! It has now become “The Pussywarmers & Réka”. And you know, with the years the band keeps on getting bigger and bigger, so I guess we’ll soon have to come up with a bigger name, too. What do you think of “The Pussywarmers & Réka’s Jizz Ensemble”?

Describe your sound…

Warm, lush, entertaining.

What makes a Pussywarmers gig, a gig to remember?

We never manage to practice. We never know which guitar our singer is gonna bring to the gig. We never know if the trumpet player will remember to show up, and how drunk he will be by the time we’re getting on stage. I guess it’s this kind of unpredictability that keeps us going, and that people seem to appreciate.

What do you know about Wilton’s Music Hall?

We’ve played plenty of different venues in London: all sorts of pubs, clubs and basements, sailor parties, and pirate regattas. But we have to admit that we had to look up what exactly a Music Hall is! We’re excited!

What are your favourite things to do in London when you’re here?

We’ve always had mixed feelings about this city, never sure whether we loved it or hated it. So what we do now is simply come and visit friends, and rely on what they have in store for us. It’s usually some quiz night at the pub round the corner…

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