Live Art Social - Marlborough Productions

Interview: Tarik Elmoutawakil and David Sheppeard on Live Art Social

The folks of Marlborough Productions left their venue base The Marlborough Pub and Theatre just before lockdown hit in 2020. They’ve been working on projects throughout the pandemic period but they are finally going back to a live context this week.

We caught up with Tarik Elmoutawakil and David Sheppeard, Directors of Marlborough Productions, ahead of their event on Friday at the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts in Brighton: Live Art Social.

Live Art Social | Friday 1 April 2022, 8pm Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, Brighton | £6 standard/£5 concessions | Get tickets now

Why Live Art Social at this particular time?

T: The queers of the city are overdue the chance to meet up have a gossip and watch some weird art and have a dance. We’ve missed you, our audiences, our Marly Mates (our membership scheme), so much over the last few years. 

Can you tell us how the line-up came about and what it means to you?

D: This line up represents a range of the queer artists we have been supporting in various ways over the pandemic, so they are some of our Marlborough favs. As always we think they represent a real diversity of art and performance from Spice Girls tarot card readings (Harry Clayton-Wright) to a high heeled roller skating with hula hoops (Symoné). It also shows just how resourceful queer artists have been in this period, making projects that can be shared, online and in print, but gawd we have missed the live!

Interview: Tarik Elmoutawakil and David Sheppeard on Live Art Social 1

What is your biggest hope for the event?

T: That artists and audiences are encouraged to reconnect, to be inspired by each other and uplifted by the queer creative community that we are lucky to have in Brighton & Hove. 

And your biggest fear?!

D: That no one comes! (tickets are selling well, so it’s an unfounded fear tbh). 

If folks can’t get to Brighton for the show, how can they be involved and in touch with Marlborough Productions?

T: In recent years more and more of our projects like Brownton Abbey have seen us touring LGBTQIA+ artists and exhibitions around the UK and internationally. At the moment we are working on New Queers on the Block, where we’ve commisioned four amazing artists to make work in Bradford, Blackpool, Folkestone and Hastings, we’re also working with Screen Archive South East, Margate Pride and Folkestone Pride on Our Screen Heritage. Basically hang tight queers and we will come to you!

What are your favourite haunts in Brighton (to eat, drink, to visit, see shows…)

D: I’ve barely been out for two years! I like going to eat in places that are unique to Brighton like Planet India, Abyssinia and Very Italian Pizza.

  T: I learned to skate in the first lockdown and have since been loving roller skating on the seafront and at Brighton Marina car park.    Since venues have started to reopen I have seen some excellent shows at Iron Works and The Rose Hill Tavern. 

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