Siegfried and Joy

Interview: ✨ Siegfried and Joy – TikTok + Instagram Reels Magic Sensations

We were so excited to catch up with magic’s funniest duo Siegfried and Joy. Check our their TikTok and Instagram for daily LOLs.

We asked them about how the videos came about and their new tour, which has London dates but our advice is to head to the circus capital, Berlin to see them in their natural habitat.

Siegfried and Joy | 20-21 February at Etcetera Theatre, Camden | Returns Only

Our tip: Travel a little and check them out all over Europe

You’re a hit on Instagram Reels and TikTok with your hilarious disappearing acts. How did this idea come about and what drives you to keep making videos? 

Siegfried and Joy - Tour Schedule
Siegfried and Joy – Tour Schedule

During the Pandemic, when the theater where closed we searched for a way to express our art. So we went out in the streets and learned how to turn every public space into to a stage. We love to make people smile in moments they don’t expect. And we believe that this is pure magic. Combining this with real magic is our gift to the world!

What should London audiences expect from your sold out shows? 

A wild entertaining night, celebrating life and magic! 

What or who are your influences for making magic? 

The world itself is so magical and is inspiring us everyday. 

What advice would you give those who would like to try magic? 

Just go out and try, magic is everywhere you just fave to find. 

@siegfriedandjoy Las Vegas in Karlsruhe! ✨ #lasvegas #karlsruhe #marktplatz #siegfriedundjoy ♬ It’s All Coming Back To Me Now – Céline Dion

What are your favourite Berlin and London haunts? (To eat, to be entertained, to visit) 

As this will be our first time in London, we just can suggest our own show. And whenever you are in Berlin, go to the Zirkus Mond, its and alternative circus tent with the best shows in town. And drive with the Ubahn. Its so magical!

Zirkus Mond - Berlin
Zirkus Mond – Berlin