Interview: Comedian Sam Jay

Interview: Comedian Sam Jay

We caught up with US comedian Sam Jay who is bringing her hilarious London debut to Soho Theatre this June.

Sam Jay | 17-22 June | Soho Theatre | From £11

Tell us about your show coming up at Soho Theatre in June. What should we expect?

Well for the Soho in June you should expect for me to be there and to tell jokes lol … that’s all I can confidently say right now… I hope people are receptive, but you never know, you know? I plan to bring 100 percent of myself to the situation as I always do. I can say I am super excited to see how English crowds receive the material though.

Who or what are your influences for your brand of comedy?

So many, I mean I come from a wisecracking family, a family of smart-asses, so they were my first influences as far as wit and sharpness was concerned.

Also Bugs Bunny from Looney Toons, Al Bundy who was Ed O’Neill’s character on Married… with Children, and later in life Chris Rock was a big deal for me. Janeane Garofalo, Chappelle, Sarah Silverman, The Kids in the Hall, The State. I just consumed comedy where ever I could, all the comics on Best Week Ever, Colin Quinn …. I could go on and on.

You write for Saturday Night Live, numerous awards shows and other TV shows. What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into writing TV comedy?

I don’t know lol… I didn’t come in with an “I’m gonna be a writer” attitude, I just wanted to do stand up and be as funny as possible. These opportunities came from pursuing that, and they proved themselves to be another way to be funny and strengthen my comedic talents, but as far as a direct line to it I’m really not sure…

You also host the Rick and Morty post-show Ricking Morty. What do you think makes the cult cartoon comedy so popular?

It’s really good, really smart, really funny, really well written and the people who work on it really really care about it.

We love your 2018 Donna’s Daughter show/album on Spotify, particularly the ‘Dick Juice’ track. How does it make you feel having people across the world listening to your writing?


You’re from Boston, right? What are the best places to hang when visiting the city?

Back Bay if you want pretty, Dorchester if you want gritty, Roxbury if you want a little of both.

Interview: Comedian Sam Jay 1
Boston’s Back Bay

Have you performed in London before? If so, where are your favourite haunts? (to eat, to party, to be entertained)

No, I haven’t but, I am really amped to! I can’t wait to find out where the black people kick it!

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