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Interview: Pointy Finger’s Laurie Luxe on Nitwit at Hanging Rock

We caught up with Laurie Luxe to talk about the show, inspirations and favourite London haunts including some quite horrifying pelican revelations.

Laurie Luxe will be stepping into her first role in writing for, and leading, an ensemble. Luxe is a Gaulier graduate, designer, drag performer and director. She is a performer in (and co-creator of) Pointy Finger’s Whoopsie! and the Edinburgh cult hit Movements in Motion. She previously hosted audience favourite Never Heard of It! at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Luxe co-created, designed and directed Lachlan Werner’s award-winning, sell-out hit Voices of Evil. 

Interview: Pointy Finger's Laurie Luxe on Nitwit at Hanging Rock 1

‘Nitwit At Hanging Rock’ her new work in progress, much like its source material, tells the story of the 1901 disappearance of a group of Australian schoolgirls but takes it to the irreverent side.

Nitwit at Hanging Rock (Work in Progress) | 11-12 March | Vault Festival | From £6.50

Tell us about Nitwit at Hanging Rock. What can we expect? 

An ensemble multi-disciplary show inspired by Picnic at Hanging Rock – as presented by performers who will do their aboslute best to tell a timeless, mysterious and tragic tale. The only problem is that they’re clowns. You may be disapointed if you’re looking for a straight adaptation. The source material is quite surreal and was a sort of proto-Blair Witch, as the author liked to imply it was based on truth. We play with these aspects – and use music, drag, movement and all that fun stuff. It’s a first work-in-progress, so we expect to flop and find a lot too!

Interview: Pointy Finger's Laurie Luxe on Nitwit at Hanging Rock 2
The team of Nitwit at Hanging Rock – Performer / Writer / Devisor / Designer: LAURIE LUXE Performer / Devisor: CLAIRE OEHMEPerformer / Devisor: JOHANN SILVA / Dramaturg: LACHLAN WERNER

What have been your highlights in your artistic journey to this moment?

Honestly, the past year has been amazing – this will be the fifth clown show I’m working on (!), and feel fortunate to say each has been a wonderful process. We’ve had quite a lot of success with Lachlan Werner’s show Voices of Evil, which I directed, designed and am the co-creator of. We’ve also got a kid’s show called Whoopsie!, which I absolutely love performing in.

Interview: Pointy Finger's Laurie Luxe on Nitwit at Hanging Rock 3

Kids are my favourite audiences – they’re so engaged, and they love getting involved. They’re also definitely the best hecklers. We will be doing Whoopsie! and Voice of Evil.

Who or what inspires you to make the work you do? 

Ridiculous things of all kinds, from cartoons I grew up to old musicals to watching silly animals in the park. Originally my training was in fashion, so design is still a major inspiration for me – I love things with flair! I’m a fan of Spymonkey, and was majorly inspired by Figs in Wig’s Little Wimmin – I love the surrealist elements they use. I’m inspired by anything that makes me laugh. Often deeply stupid things will do it – there’s brilliant sketches in I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson and The Eric Andre Show that have that effect for me. 

What are your favourite London haunts?

Honestly? The first thing that comes to mind is the ice-cream store Bilmonte.

Gelato at Bilmonte
Gelato at Bilmonte

My favourite pub is The Mayflower in Rotherhithe – It’s magical inside. For inspiring places, I love Sir John Soane’s Museum and Sands Films Studio.  For cabaret nights, Fool’s Moon at Soho Theatre!

Sands Film Studio
Sands Film Studio

To relax I go and look for birds – often in St. James’ Park. You have to be ok with hoards of tourists though, and people who cover themselves in bird seed and get pecked at by flocks of screeching parakeets. It’s both spectacular and stressful to behold. Also prohibited – but nothing stops these freaks.

I love watching the pelicans there too, although I must admit to feeling a constant, low-level anxiety that one of them might suddenly devour a pigeon whole. I’ve seen the videos (don’t look them up). On reflection, maybe I don’t like to relax.