Interview: Paloma Jacob-Duvernet on the AI Festival at Omnibus Theatre

Interview: Paloma Jacob-Duvernet on the AI Festival at Omnibus Theatre

We caught up with Paloma Jacob-Duvernet to talk about the AI Festival coming to Omnibus Theatre in Clapham.

AI Festival 2023 | Omnibus Theatre – Clapham | From 26 June | Various Prices

Tell us about AI Festival at Omnibus Theatre. What should audiences expect?

The AI Festival is very much an open invitation. The programme is very exciting and there is something for everyone that is curious about the subject. Ranging from live performances to exhibitions, panel discussions and workshops, it’s really an opportunity to have fun, learn and question the place of AI in our society.

Anyone who joins an AI festival event will take something out. It promises to be an immersive and thought-provoking experience that delves into the possibilities and challenges presented by artificial intelligence. It’s going to be great!

AI is the talking point of 2023. How do you think theatre can contribute to the debate around technologies like ChatGPT?

Not only it can but it should! To quote one of the characters of the play that I will be directing as part of the AI Festival ‘ Literature is a written record of human consciousness arguably the richest we have.’ So in that sense, Theatre is a fantastic vehicle to stimulate debate, raise awareness and challenge the place of Ai in our life.

What do you think are the creative possibilities of AI for artists and audiences?

I believe that in the current state of Art, Ai is still a tool that relies on human creativity and intent. Artists and audiences play a crucial role in harnessing AI’s potential and shaping its ethical and aesthetic implications. I think that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and as an artist, it’s important to investigate how we could work with it rather than feeding in the idea that we will be replaced by the machine.

Who or what inspires you to curate the festival?

The idea of a festival emerged in September 2021 from conversations with friends and fellow artists. It felt that something was happening in the way Ai had waved in our everyday life. I believe that my friendship with Piotr Mirowski played a big part in feeding my curiosity about the subject since we met at drama school.

What are your favourite London haunts? (To eat, to see theatre, to relax)

It’s been nearly 11 years since I am in London and I love that I can still discover new places which is a hobby of mine. Otherwise, if you are looking for me I am often having a cinnamon bun at Rinkoffs Bakery or wandering around the Wellcome Collection when I am not having a pint at the George Tavern while enjoying their live music. 

Interview: Paloma Jacob-Duvernet on the AI Festival at Omnibus Theatre 1