Interview: Nachtlicker Spokesusan

Interview: Nachtlicker Spokesusan

When a night describes itself as a cesspit of absurdist filth, vermin cabaret & feral rave, you know you’re in for a pretty memorable experience – and that’s exactly what Nachtlicker promises!

Ahead of Nachtlicker’s second coming – 9th March at Low Profile Studios – we caught up with the designated Nachtlicker Spokesusan to talk curated chaos, superstar line-ups, inspirations during late stage capitalism, Things To Do in London, and peaches!

Nachtlicker II | Low Profile Studios | 9 March | From £18

Nachtlicker Spokesusan – why don’t you introduce yourself to our readers…

Well Hi there – I am the indentured artist currently appointed as Spokesusan of Nachtlicker. Do you have any tinned fruit in your bag? I need a piece of peach for medical reasons.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure: what the hell is Nachtlicker all about?

Nachtlicker is a bizarre party; seven hours of curated chaos with about twenty artists smashing ideas apart and putting them back together again. Except Joe. He just kind of just breaks things. 

Nachtlicker started at Dark Mofo in Australia, and now lives in London where we play with different genres and artforms, presented together as a kind of unfolding absurd experience. You’re dancing, as you do, when the moon climbs out of the dark to berate Elon Musk; next minute a dancing rat is slamming its vulva in a giant rat trap for jollies… or you realise the toilet queue is actually for the psychology lecture in the last cubicle. 

It’s kind of batshit. I can’t control any of them. Did you find those peaches? I’m thirsty.

Interview: Nachtlicker Spokesusan 1

The line-up for 9th March looks epic – obv you love them all equally, but anything you’re really excited to see?

I’m still a bit stunned at the lineup – it’s going to be feral. 

We’re all extremely excited about NOGOOD BOYO, this bizarre, high energy trash-trad band coming from Wales. Their 90’s trad-metal-accordion-rave-mashup is the stuff of legend and I can’t believe they’re coming to play; you will not stop dancing. 

Superstars Baby Lame, Loose Willis and Hugo Desmarais are also involved, which means some funny **** is about to happen, and the DJ lineup featuring Cousn, Liz Cass, Jake Reed, DJ Lil Koko and Daisy Gadd is an eclectic journey of good, hard, silly fun from New Orleans brass and grubby disco to hard house and dirty techno. Kind of like my ex but with tighter pants.

Interview: Nachtlicker Spokesusan 2

Who or what inspires you in your creative work?

Look, I think we are all being crushed under late stage capitalism and need an outlet for our darker, sillier thoughts and a place to kind of get lost in for a whole night, so just being around so many other mad artists and getting to create something like this that’s chaotic yet cohesive, and gives us space to play while we plot the revolution is pretty inspiring.

What’s coming up next on your To Do List?

Those peaches you promised me for doing the interview. 

And going to The Divine. That’s next.

What are your favourite things to do in London?

Ooft this is hard. Tate Modern, second hand shops, Adonis, Riposte and seeing as many queer shows and events as possible! 

Can you untie me now? 

Don’t miss Nachtlicker at Low Profile Studios this 9th March – book tickets here!