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Interview: Lucie Pohl on ‘Cry Me a Liver’

We cornered the comedienne Lucie Pohl to talk about her show Cry Me A Liver, Poundland & her London. The show is coming up at VAULT festival from 2-6 March 2016. Buy tickets here

LUCIE-POHL-CRY-ME-A-LIVER-SUPPORTING-IMAGE-01What should we expect to experience in ‘Cry Me A Liver’ at Vault Festival?

Cry Me A Liver is a character comedy about New York City through my eyes. It’s the result of all the toxins I’ve inhaled over the years here, severely damaging my ability to understand what people think is normal. There’s some stand up and storytelling in it too. 

Tell us about your process of making characters from your observations of real people?

It’s very organic. Sounds douchey, but it’s true. I see someone, I hear something, I read something and then a character comes out of me. Sometimes I just stand in a room and start talking. I tape myself and then listen back to it and decide who that character is or where I want to take it. 

What are your favourite free or cheap things to do in London?

Going to Poundland and asking how much things are, walks along the Thames with Arthur Smith, running through the meat market early in the morning with a Scotsman and then stopping to say hello to William Wallace.

What are your favourite places to go to when you’re in London?

People watching all around the city, rummaging through the antique bookshops around Leicester Square, I love The Eagle Farringdon, the Curzon Cinema in Soho, strolling along the Canal and pretending I live in a houseboat, High Tea at the Wolseley.

Find out more about Lucie on her website here