Linus Karp

Interview: Linus Karp ahead of Melodifestivalen at the Two Brewers

We caught up with the star of Diana the Untold Story, Linus Karp, to talk about the Swedish phenomenon that is Melodifestivalen – where the country chooses its Eurovision song in grand style, live on TV!

Main pic: Boys By Girls, Summer 2019 Photo: Sophie Mayanne Styling: Natasha Freeman Hair + MUA: Anna Wild

Brewersfestivalen – Melodifestivalen | 11 March 2023 | £7/10

Tell us about Brewersfestivalen! at the Two Brewers – what does Melodifestivalen mean to Scandinavia and what can we expect from your commentary/translation? 

I can only speak for Sweden as the other Scandinavian countries have their own selection processes – but in Sweden it is the biggest entertainment show every year, with shows across six weeks culminating with the final. It’s camp, fun, full of Swedish pop and the competition element makes it very exciting – every year sees surprises and new talent discovered. I love Eurovision – but Melodifestivalen is even better. More than anything I think my genuine love and passion for the competition will come through in my commentary, I look forward to being incredibly biased and getting everyone to cheer on my favourites and I also have a few special surprises planned…

Interview: Linus Karp ahead of Melodifestivalen at the Two Brewers 1

We loved your Diana show, what’s next?

Thank you so much! We are currently touring the Diana show so I intend to people’s princess my way through life a bit longer. Not sure what is after but it’ll be something equally queer and stupid.

Who or what inspires you to make your work?

Interview: Linus Karp ahead of Melodifestivalen at the Two Brewers 2

More than anything I just want to have fun – if I’m having a good time and feel passionate about the topics I think that translates well to the audience. Pop culture always influences my work as well. For Diana I was able to work with an incredible team of creatives who all helped shape the shows.

People putting on great solo shows are also very inspiring – Joseph Morpurgo, Haley McGee, Liz Kingsman, Sam Carlyle, Tara Boland to name a few.

Most of all I am inspired by my partner Joseph Martin, he is such a big part of every decision and if I make him laugh I know I’m on the right track.

What advice would you give to people wanting to dabble in cabaret and comedy?

Don’t call it dabble – say that you are doing comedy or cabaret, value your own work! Do what makes you happy and what you enjoy rather than trying to predict what would please others. And know that, as with everything, it takes practice and the only way of getting better is to do it – so get up in front of a live audience as often as you can, that’s when you actually improve.

What are your favourite London haunts?

For a queer night out Two Brewers of course! For new theatre and comedy I love the Pleasance and Soho Theatre. I also love my local theatre Jacksons Lane, especially for their café. Having grown up in the Swedish woods I also love to go for walks on Hampstead Heath.