Interview: Kebhouze Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder Giulio Paternò

Interview: Kebhouze Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder Giulio Paternò

We caught up with Giulio Paternò, CMO and co-founder of the UK’s largest kebab house located on London’s iconic Oxford Street. Kebhouze is a kebab wonderland offering three floors of dining, kebab-themed arcades and kebab-inspired art!

Kebhouze | 159 Oxford Street | Open Daily, 10am-11pm

Hi Giulio, thanks for chatting with us. Could you tell us about Kebhouze and how the business came about?

Kebhouze was born in 2021 from the idea of creating a landmark in the kebab world. Kebab is one of the best known and most eaten street foods in the world, but there are not many international chains like there are in the world of burger, pizza or sushi. So what better way than creating our very own take on the traditional kebab? We spent many hours – days and nights to be honest – researching and sourcing the finest ingredients to develop truly unique recipes in addition to the traditional ones – it was a labour of love, let me tell you. But finally, Kebhouze was born. The goal was to create a space where anybody could come and experience the warmth, hospitality, and most importantly, those mind-blowing tastes that have made kebabs beloved across so many cultures. We wanted to bring people into a new “kebab experience”: fresh, colourful and with a special appeal to families as well as to Gen Z and Millennials. By opening 25 shops in 24 months across Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, we are working hard to realise our purpose.

Interview: Kebhouze Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder Giulio Paternò 1
Chick & Chips Kebab

What makes kebabs so important to London?

Kebabs are a staple of London cuisine just as fish & chip shops and fried chicken are thanks to the city’s unique melting pot of cultures. Londoners have an insatiable appetite for all kinds of different flavours and cuisines, making it the perfect place to explore every combination you can think of. By the way, about fish & chips and kebab, you should try our new recipe named Chick & Chips Kebab with fried chicken, chicken kebab, fries, lettuce and tartar sauce: probably the best mix between the two iconic flavours of the city.

Why is going fully halal important to your business?

Having a completely halal menu has been a top priority, as we want to create a welcoming space where as many people as possible can enjoy our mouthwatering kebabs. Our team has worked tirelessly to overhaul our menu and remove any non-halal items without sacrificing the bold flavours our customers love. We are receiving excellent feedback and much appreciation from the Muslim community in London. And not only that – we have already hosted several private events for Muslim customers in these first months on the second floor of our Oxford Street store, including arcade games and our foosball table.

Interview: Kebhouze Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder Giulio Paternò 2

What are your favourite London haunts?

You know what I really love about London? The amazing chance to feel yourself inside a multicultural city and all the green spaces.

I can’t get enough of Chinatown – it’s a gem for discovering new restaurants and the area is always buzzing. My fav spot? Bao Soho, a few minutes’ walk from Kebhouze.

Battered sweet potato with pickled plum ketchup.
Battered sweet potato with pickled plum ketchup.

Whenever I need a break, Primrose Hill is my go-to spot for taking in sweeping views of the skyline. Between the culture and green spaces, what’s not to love about this city?

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