Joelah Noble

Interview: BBC Radio 1Xtra Host – Joelah Noble

Joelah Noble has been announced to take over from Lady Leshurr on Saturdays on BBC 1Xtra from 13:00-16:00 and we were excited to talk to her about her music leanings, inspirations and what to expect from her new show.

Pic from her show Are You The One

Joelah is an experienced broadcaster, television presenter and media personality famous for hosting Youtube coverage of the Lionesses England win. Expect on top of her new Saturday show she will host ‘1Xtra’s Throwback Party’ from Monday to Thursday during drive-time, Joelah and co-host Keke will deliver listeners the best in hip-hop and R&B tracks from the 90s, 00s and 10s.

A longer version of their show will then be available on BBC Sounds in a brand new Back to Back sounds offering called 1Xtra Throwbacks. Joelah and Keke recently won ‘Best Ensemble Act’ at the 2022 Audio Production Awards.

Tell us about your new show on BBC Radio 1Xtra. What should listeners expect?

This is such an exciting time for me, doing this show. Obviously, I’ve got the throwback party show which you’re going to be hearing a lot more of. So, listeners can definitely expect to hear more throwback bangers from the 90s, noughties, 10s, up until 2016. They’re hip hop/R&B bangers that we know and love. Then, of course, my show on Saturday, I’m going to be bringing elements of that to the show 100%. People are going to be learning a lot more about me, my upbringing, why I love music so much. I aim to have a lot of games and a lot of fun.

Who are your favourite artists of the moment and who should we look out for coming up?

Right now, I feel like I’m mixing genres. on my playlist, it’s all my liked songs on shuffle. So, we’ve got disco from Nigeria, Jazz, Hip-Hop that makes me feel like the gangster that I am and recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of Trinidadian artists as I’ve just come back from Trinidad and attended the carnival. So Bunji Garlin, BoyBoy – he’s a young artist that is coming up with a sound that we’re not used to hearing. Trinny artists. Then of course, in the UK, Jerome Thomas is someone that is steadily coming up, I love listening to him as well as Iyama. Of course the classics that continually put music out like Dave, Jay Huss, Giggs. 

Who or what inspires you to share your love of music and presenting on radio?

Being on radio wasn’t something I thought I would do, and I don’t know why because I was definitely pretending to be a radio presenter at 9 years old in Brooklyn when I was listening to Hot97. I think, really, my mum is a huge inspiration. She’s the reason why I’m obsessed with music before my time and how samples are used in newer music. Also, my dad who is a reggae DJ. I didn’t realise how that would inspire me, but it really has. 

What would be your #1 tip for people to get into radio? 

Just be yourself and bring what you do best to the table as that’s where you’re going to shine. If you’re ever scared, that’s when you know you should do it, whether that’s an interview or something out of your comfort zone, you should do it because you’re just going to learn. 

What are your favourite London haunts?

I follow my favourite DJs like Kenny Allstar, Jewels is an amazing DJ and producer, Tiffany Calver, these are the people I like. And I know that DJ Ace does RNB events that I try to go to. So really, I don’t have a specific venue – I just follow my favourite DJ’s.