Interview: Japanese Singer-songwriter Anly

Interview: Japanese Singer-songwriter Anly

Ahead of her first ever UK show at O2 Academy Islington, we caught up with Anly to talk about early inspirations, cafes, advice for the next big things, and hopes for 2024.

Hi Anly, thank you for chatting with us. Who or what inspires you to make music?

Early on, my dad inspired me to start playing guitar and singing. After coming back from work, my dad used to play guitar and sing by the window facing the back yard.

I grew up listening to U.S. Military Radio Far East Network (FEN). Artists such as Eric Clapton, CCR, Dolly Parton and ZZ Top inspired me.

Sometimes, I get inspired by talking to close friends and family. Sometimes, lyrics and music strike me like lightning.

Interview: Japanese Singer-songwriter Anly 1

What are your favourite haunts in Japan and London?

I like to go to cafes wherever I go, so I would like to go to interesting cafes in London.

What advice would you give to those wanting to make it big in music in the TikTok world?

Be honest with yourself and do whatever feels right for you.

Finally, what’s your message for the world as we approach another new year?

I hope the new year will bring Love and Peace to people around the world.

Don’t miss Anly at O2 Academy Islington on 30 November 2023.