Interview: Francesco De Carlo on his new show at Soho Theatre

Interview: Francesco De Carlo on his new show at Soho Theatre

We caught up with Francesco De Carlo brings his show Winning Hearts and Minds to Soho Theatre from 19-23 April at 9.15pm. You can buy tickets here

Tell us about your show coming up at Soho Theatre

This show is about what happens when people you love, your friends, family or those who you grew up with, turn out to vote for terrible politicians. In the last decade families were divided by some many issues (Brexit and Trump, vaccination or civil rights), including mine on various levels. The show is going to look at how hard it is to engage with these people who you love and try to win their hearts and minds. 

Who or what are your influences for your comedy?

I’ve been influenced by so many comedians. Richard Pryor is my hero. But I really like British comedy, Eddie Izzard above all. Also, I think that Italian comedy played a role in my education as a comedian, especially the movies from the Seventies.

Interview: Francesco De Carlo on his new show at Soho Theatre 1

What advice would you give to those starting out in comedy?

Get out of your comfort zone and make fun of it. Stop comparing yourself to other comedians and don’t follow them on socials. Focus on your material and try to understand who you are and what really makes you laugh.

What are you looking forward to doing while you’re in London?

I come from Rome, a city which is always celebrating its past. That’s why I’m so excited to be in London, where every art form is trying to anticipate the future. I like this obsession for “the next thing”, I want to see plays and exhibitions. And musicals of course!

What places would you recommend people visit in Italy for a weekend away from London?

South of Italy. It’s so extreme, good and bad together, a contrast that British people should like a lot. After all the show is about my family, and my parents are from Calabria and Sardinia, wonderful places.