Interview: Edouard Eyglunent, co-founder of Wecandoo

Interview: Edouard Eyglunent, co-founder of Wecandoo

We chatted with Edouard Eyglunent – co-founder of artisanal community platform Wecandoo – to talk making and doing, developing new skills, being crafty, and (of course) some brill things to do in London!

Hi Edouard – tell us about Wecandoo, what is it all about?

Interview: Edouard Eyglunent, co-founder of Wecandoo 1

Wecandoo is a platform that curates and delivers unique craft workshops that showcase the heritage of local artisans, whilst teaching the public a new skill and perspective on how things are made. 

We are the largest artisan workshop community in Europe and our mission is to put craftsmanship back into daily life. Wecandoo has built a community of over 2,200 passionate artists, makers, and producers to deliver these experiences in London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. We’re all about inspiring creativity and bringing new things to the table, whilst protecting ancient know-how.  

We recently discovered the magic of floristry at an evening class. What other skills can you learn on the platform?

Wecandoo truly has something for every passion. We currently have 75 workshops in London working from 40 local artisans. You can learn to make your own leather bag, build your own wooden cabinet, or forge your own knife. Our food and drink experiences are super popular with those wanting to learn how to brew beer from a local London brewery or grow their own mushrooms with an infamous urban mushroom grower.

Interview: Edouard Eyglunent, co-founder of Wecandoo 2

A lot of our workshops have a sustainability focus, encouraging and educating people on how to use craft to care for the planet. Whether it’s a workshop learning how to breathe life into your old clothes with upcycling and mending techniques or craft your own leather backpack that will last a lifetime.

We are always on the lookout for the next craft trend and plan to have over 100 workshops on offer by the end of the year.

Interview: Edouard Eyglunent, co-founder of Wecandoo 3

You’re hosting a free craft soirée on 19th September. What should attendees expect and why should they come along?

We’re marking our arrival in London with a party that celebrates London’s finest artisans and craft makers and introduces locals to the wonderful world of craft. We are hosting our official London launch party, a celebration of London’s finest artisans and craft makers. 

There will be free craft workshops to immerse yourself in, including Greek Food & Wine Tasting, Wood Butter Knife Carving and Tote Bag Screen Printing, as well as a live crafting display of leather-harness making from Primal Leather. 

Wecandoo artisans will also be selling their craft at an artisanal market with many treasures to peruse such as dried flowers, candles and terrariums. We are also partnering with Dom’s Subs to provide guests with delicious gourmet sandwiches and the wine and craft beer will be flowing. Everyone is welcome to join us at The Tab Centre, Shoreditch, from 6pm!

Interview: Edouard Eyglunent, co-founder of Wecandoo 4

What advice would you give to someone wanting to try out a new craft skill?

  1. Listen to your inner child and remind yourself of a craft you have always wanted to try, or maybe one you used to love but no longer have time for.
  2. Approach a new crafting adventure with an open mind and a big smile.
  3. Be patient!

What are your favourite London haunts to find inspiration for craft and artistry?

There are so many! Salad Days Market, across various London locations, is a personal favourite, there is also Crystal Palace antique shops and Copeland Park in Peckham, which are all great spots to find independent makers and great exhibitions.

There is a new restaurant called 20 Berkeley where everything is sourced in the UK from independent producers and the whole interior is handmade by artisans, so that’s pretty cool!

The Garden Museum & Cafe is a great spot for seasonal food in a converted old church with beautiful gardens and courtyard. It has such a community feel and is one of my favourite hidden gems.

Big. in Hackney is a skincare store stocking small, handmade brands from across Europe. The interior of the store is all zero waste, handmade by artisans in London including seaweed curtains and mycelium tables!

Don’t miss the official Wecandoo London Launch Party on Tuesday 19 September – click here for tickets!