UNU (you&you) by Darryl Daley

Interview: Darryl Daley NOW Gallery’s Young Artist Commission of 2023

We caught up with Darryl Daley a South Londoner of Afro Caribbean heritage known for his evocative and spectacular storytelling, often collaborating with writers, artists and cross disciplinary collectives. 

What You See Here / What You Hear Here will comprise 4 filmic works, alongside ‘UNU (you&you)’, which together survey Daley’s visual practice to date, interweaving moving image, photography, and sound to thread together an intricate and tender diasporic narrative. 

NOW Gallery continues to create space for emerging practice and critical dialogue – we are excited to showcase the versatility of  Darryl Daley’s storytelling. Daley’s intricate films will shroud the gallery, transporting us between Jamaica and the UK, past and present.

NOW Gallery curator Kaia Charles

Since 2014, NOW Gallery in Greenwich Peninsula has established itself as London’s go-to destination for discovering new talent and showcasing cutting-edge installations by some of the most exciting names in art, design and fashion including Yinka Ilori, Manjit Thapp, Joy Yamusangie, Nicholas Daley, Mowalola, Phoebe English, Matty Bovan and Molly Goddard.

What You See Here / What You Hear Here | Now Gallery | 23 March 2023 – 11 June 2023 | Free Entry

Interview: Darryl Daley NOW Gallery's Young Artist Commission of 2023 1

Tell us about your recently announced NOW Gallery commission? 

The works are ultimately an ode to the journey, cultural identity and stories of my grandparents who immigrated from Jamaica to the UK. The work looks at reflecting the notion of home being somewhere other – an idea  passed down to (me) as second generation British born.

Specifically my grandmother’s (mothers mother) home as a portal back to Jamaica. The four film works further this imagined world through scenes of surrealism, archived footage and sound design.

What are the key elements of your work?

I’d say firstly the idea of soul – creating a feeling which can be felt beyond your immediate senses. If your eyes were closed or ears covered you’d still remember it tomorrow.

Secondly the art of storytelling and perspective, I’m aim to make work that reflects how I see and hear the world regarding subjects personal to me. I try to expresses this against my imagination and creativity through the medium of film. Producing work that has the ability to connect and resonate with audiences the following day.

Interview: Darryl Daley NOW Gallery's Young Artist Commission of 2023 2

Who or what inspires you to be an artist?

I’d say I’m stepping into a path that has been written for me. 

My mother was the first person to tell me I was an artist. 

What advice would you give to those who want to become an artist?

Master your craft, remain in the mind state of a student and create with a passion.

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