Interview: Comedian Leslie Liao

Interview: Comedian Leslie Liao

With her UK debut hour, The Nighttime Routine, Leslie Liao – star of two-part Netflix special Verified Stand Up – explores the life and loves of a single Chinese-American woman, living in Los Angeles. We chat to Leslie about the show, influences & inspirations, favourite comedians, and Things To Do in LA & London!

Leslie Liao: The Nighttime Routine Tour | Soho Theatre | 18-23 March | From £18

Interview: Comedian Leslie Liao 1

Tell us about The Nighttime Routine. What should we expect?

This is my first formal hour that mostly includes perspectives on how hard it is to face adulthood, maturity, brutal honesty… and along the way I’m incorporating new material as it comes to me.

What are your influences and inspirations for creating your comedy?

I get inspired whenever I see a comic fully embracing their authentic voice and it works beautifully. I try to do the same – and sometimes selfishly try to write something because I think it’s funny, and hope that the crowd agrees.

What are you most excited about performing in London for the first time?

I can’t wait to see what me and the London crowd have in common and see how silly we can get together. and I secretly can’t wait to admire everyone’s style.

What are your favourite comedy shows, or comedians that we might not have heard of in the UK?

Debra DiGiovanni, Orion Levine… and I must shout out my Asian heavy hitters/homies: Irene Tu, Jason Cheny, Andrew Orolfo, Andrea Jin, Fumi Abe. And every other day I find myself watching I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson.

What are your favourite haunts in LA?

Ggiata Delicatessen (LA) is so delicious for classic and satisfying sandwiches. Club Tee Gee (LA) is perfect for a drink and quick dance session. Recently I went to Here’s Looking at You and The Prince (Koreatown) which are so lovely and delicious. I love hanging at Hollywood Improv, Comedy Store, and Westside Comedy in LA to see friends do new stuff and be silly. And for London…I need recommendations for coffee, sweet treats, drinks, dancing, and dinner!