Cam Gavinski

Interview: TikTok star and Cult Musical Comedian Cam Gavinski

We caught up with Thai-American comedian and Fringe newcomer Cam Gavinski about his coming-of-age musical comedy. Cam instead of macho dick-schtick, actually talks to his dick: a penis puppet by the name of Pipi LeSpew.

Simultaneously skewering toxic-masculinity and the genre of “solo show,” Gavinski exposes his most embarrassing story from puberty: when he was blackmailed by a stranger on the internet over his privates going public.

We chat to Cam about his upcoming Edinburgh Fringe debut, his favourite LA haunts and what makes his comedy different.

Cam Gavinski | Aug 2 – Aug 28 (Exc. Aug 14) | Gilded Balloon Teviot (Nightclub) at 10PM

Tell us about your comedy style and what we should expect from the BONHEUR?

A mix of LowBrow and HighBrow: so just Brow, I guess. Unibrow? BONHEUR tells the story of when I was blackmailed as a teenager by a stranger on the internet over pictures of my privates going public. It’s an incredibly embarrassing story.

There are songs, secrets, and a penis puppet. The show is surreal and absurd, yet excruciatingly honest. It’s heartfelt at it’s core, and I hope you enjoy it.

Interview: TikTok star and Cult Musical Comedian Cam Gavinski 1

How did you get into comedy and did you have any other interesting jobs before getting into stand up?

I used to collect horse ejaculate for breeding purposes. Then the ranch-owner caught me one night cause I got greedy and went back for seconds. Lucky for me, the old man felt sorry for me and decided to take me under his wing. He was a comedian, and he taught me how to write jokes and speak English. That man? Norm Macdonald. Not the one you’re thinking of. This was a different Norm Macdonald who also happened to be a comedian. He was arguably more famous though. You know that song “Old Macdonald Had a Farm?” No that song wasn’t about him, that song was from the 1700s—are you stupid? No, this Norm used to open for the band that re-popularized that nursery rhyme in the 80s.

What are your thoughts on TikTok? What makes a good video and how do you come up with them?

It’s addictive, but numbing. Your brain sort of turns off and you get lost in the scroll. I think a video’s only a good video if it involves a duck in some way, no duck = bad video. No exceptions. I try to write ideas down when I have them, but I’m not disciplined enough to carry around a notebook. I start with a fun premise, or joke, or a funny visual and then I build around that.

What are you looking forward to most at your first Edinburgh Fringe?

Exploring the town and meeting talented artists from around the world. I’m also excited to share my show overseas for the first time and see how non American audiences react.

Where are you based and what are your favourite haunts in your home town?

I’m based in Los Angeles, but Dallas, Texas is my hometown. I like The Trails Cafe in Griffith Park in L.A. and Spoke Bicycle Cafe by the L.A. River. In Dallas I like anything my mom cooks. 

Interview: TikTok star and Cult Musical Comedian Cam Gavinski 2
Spoke Bicycle Cafe

Cam Gavinski, Edinburgh Fringe debut solo show: BONHEUR will run from Aug 2 to Aug 28 (Aug 14 Day Off) at the Gilded Balloon Teviot (Nightclub). For Tickets visit: