Innocent Inspires - Book Tickets & Get Free Smoothies!

Innocent Inspires – Book Tickets & Get Free Smoothies!

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To Do List is excited to be the first to invite you to innocent inspires – a new series of pop-up events taking place over the next 6 months.

More immersive than a TED lecture, more inspiring than Secret Cinema, innocent inspires promises to be a highlight of 2013.

And in true To Do List style, we’ve got a little treat for you! Book your FREE tickets, then submit your details below (with your booking reference number) to RECEIVE A MONTH’S WORTH OF SMOOTHIES! Once you’ve booked, head on down to the form at the bottom of this beautiful page…

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Innocent Inspires – Health | The Harrow Club, W10 | 18th April | 7:30pm | FREE

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At each event people will debate the issues that matter with thought leaders who do brilliant things every day – and you can learn how to change your lifestyle to make 2013 amazing!

The first event takes place under the floodlights of the innocent Sports Hall on 18th April 2013 and focusses on the subject of health. Some of the great questions about health will be answered:

  • how can we get a little bit healthier?
  • what role does the mind play in health?
  • how can we stay alive that little bit longer?
  • how many squat thrusts is it possible to do in thirty seconds?

Ok, so, as far as we’re concerned, everything about that last question is CRAZY!

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Speakers include:

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The legendary Olympian, adventurer, man of steel and father of three will be talking about the huge role that the mind has to play, in everything from winning gold medals to being in a kayak with Ben Fogle for ages.

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Embarrassing Bodies’ Pixie (who, let’s face it, has seen enough to make even the dryest eye water) will share her tips on how to try to live forever (or die trying).

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Street-running collective Run Dem Crew will be keeping everyone on their toes…

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Free Smoothies!

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Once you’ve booked your free tickets (here), submit your details via our beautiful form to claim A MONTH’S WORTH OF SMOOTHIES! As always, by filling in one of our forms you’ll be signing up to our fab mailing list, which means you’ll be the first to find out about our exclusive competitions, offers, and great ideas for how to have a good time for little or no money!

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