How to have a 2020 appropriate New Year's Eve

How to have a 2020 appropriate New Year’s Eve

Here’s our top streaming tips for 31 December (New Year’s Eve) 2020 including our ‘disappointment guaranteed’ fireworks dismay…

1. 2020 Appropriate Fireworks Dismay

💥 2020 Appropriate Fireworks Dismay.
🔴 Live NYE at 22.59 UK TIME
💩 Disappointment guaranteed.

2. Great Yarmouth Hippodrome

The spectacular circus New Year’s Eve Hippodrome Special will be available on its official YouTube channel from 7pm on New Year’s Eve.

Subscribe to the channel via the link here.

It will also be on The Hippodrome’s Official Facebook page from 7pm

3. BBC Coverage including Jools’ Hootenanny and Some Drone Shit

The Currant Bun (The Sun) revealed the rather disappointing drone light show filming pre-records for the big night. The BBC has tried with Alicia ‘New York’ Keys but it’s a pretty dismal affair. Instead why not watch Jool’s Hootenanny for pre-recorded belters from the likes of.

4. Hello 2021 UK | YouTube NYE Big Night in with Calfreezy, RuPaul, Anne Marie and more!

If you want to pretend that you’re hip and know who the contemporary artists the kids bop to I would go to this which features live stuff from the likes of Cassette Boy, MNEK and the Queen of the world right now Dua Lipa.

5. Queer House Party

Queer House Party: New Year Same Queers tickets

The standout success of 2020 is Harry Gay and posse’s queer inclusive online space. Donate big to this NYE blow out and help them continue their work.

Not good enough? How 2020! Well suggest something better in the comments why don’t you…