To Do List Book Club: How To Disappear - A Memoir For Misfits

To Do List Book Club: How To Disappear – A Memoir For Misfits

To Do List is very excited about the launch of Ditto Press‘s new book – How To Disappear – A Memoir For Misfits by Duncan Fallowell. Fallowell is famous for being a cultural commentator, novelist and travel writer. Our favourite of his books so far is April Ashley’s Odyssey – a wonderful biography about the first well known transexual to be outed by the media. His other works gained him much notoriety for challenging preconceptions about gender, bisexuality and ambivalence. Find out more about the new book and buy it here. And more about the author here.

The dedication of Fallowell’s new book – to an old friend with whom the author has never met – indicates the book’s theme: that haunted space which can open up between someone ‘being there’ and ‘not being there’. It is a book about spirits and relics, and those who are trying to escape.

We haven’t read the book yet but are very excited about the launch tomorrow and getting our hands on a cop,y mainly due to the wonderful review by one of our favourite web oddities Madame Arcati. She describes the book as “a beyond-fabulous wallowing in weird people in wonderful places – magical and mesmerising. Oh, and very gossipy, too.” Read her full review here.

“These essays are polished jewels of consciousness, presented with this author’s trademark mixture of profundity, wit and joyful naughtiness. 5/5” Daily Express

How To Disappear was commissioned and printed in one room. The design of the book, by Nazareno Crea, perfectly compliments the theme of the five stories within. How To Disappear is hardback bound, 244pp with several colourful patterned prints throughout the book.

The book is also available in Waterstone’s, Daunt, Hatchards, LRB, Blackwell’s and various other outlets.