Are You Ready To Take Up The Challenge of  Heist?

Are You Ready To Take Up The Challenge of Heist?


Heist | Marylebone Gardens | February 12 – March 8 | Wed-Sat 7:30pm | £22.50

Theatre Delicatessen & differencEngine offer you (and your accomplices) the chance to plan and execute the most audacious robbery. Are you ready for the Heist?

Expect a choice-laden, immersive experience bringing together theatre, games and technology. differencEngine’s guiding principle is that true immersion requires decision. So be ready to make big decisions that could change your life will shape your evening.

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heist2They Say: For one night, live a life of crime. Plan a heist and pull it off.  Could you move undercover across four floors of security challenges and break into a sealed room?

Your mission: steal the contents, and get out again without being discovered.

In the murky underworld of Heist, you and up to seven accomplices hide, sneak and blag your way through an epic theft. Unique from the start, the choices you make and the actions you take change the entire story from beginning to end.

Are you in? Bring friends or meet your accomplices for the first time on your chosen night of crime. We can get you in. We can get you out. The rest is up to you.