Happy Mondays Comedy at Amersham Arms - Review - ★★★★★

Happy Mondays Comedy at Amersham Arms – Review – ★★★★★

The best comedy night in London. A friendly, inclusive atmosphere, with top rib-tickling comics in the iconic South London boozer. TAKE COURAGE AND HEAD SARF TO HAPPY MONDAYS.

Happy Mondays Comedy | Monday Nights | Amersham Arms – New Cross

Happy Mondays is the perfect remedy to a miserable Monday. MC Siôn James makes you feel right at home in this friendly local comedy club worth travelling for if you’re not in the area. Every week is a fresh line up and we think they may have got to comedy nirvana with this Valentine’s Day edition.

The club provides a safe, experimental space for new material from big stars but more importantly supports rising stars to cut their teeth in London’s capital of comedy, Lewisham.

Happy Mondays Comedy at Amersham Arms - Review - ★★★★★ 1
Top: Marcel Lucent
Bottom Row: Ania Magliano, Brabantia, Mark Biddlestone, Johnny C-T.

Mark Bittlestone delivers outrageous camp laughs and personal, often sexual, revelations about being queer in 2022.

Johnny C-T‘s down to earth conversational cheeky style around keeps the crowd in a blissful state of surprise.

Ania Magliano gives great timing and is a warm open comic with a fresh take on bisexuality and family.

Brabantia is character comedy gold from Jo Romero using Angel Card mock spirituality to play with the audience with an evil twinkle in her eye.

Headliner Marcel Lucont is a Valentine’s treat arousing guffaws at every turn with his saucy insouciant poetry and Francophonie.

Overall Happy Mondays Comedy is a guaranteed laugh a minute, cheap and cheerful night out in London’s most inclusive borough.

Happy Mondays Comedy at Amersham Arms - Review - ★★★★★ 2
Brabantia, Johnny C-T and Mark Bittlestone