Hackney Attic - Question Time, Eurovision, Crafty Time & Bad Poetry

Hackney Attic – Question Time, Eurovision, Crafty Time & Bad Poetry

Top geek chic events coming from this Thursday at our favourite new venue the Hackney Attic! Including Question Time Tweetalong, GEEK Poetry Slam, MEGA EUROVISION & Crafty Time.

BBC Question Time Tweetalong | Thursday 24 May | 8.30pm | £5/£4/£3

An evening of politics, twitter and beer, with appearances from comedians and political speakers to kick things off. The following things are encouraged, nay, insisted upon: strict adherence to the #BBCQT Drinking Game Rules, panto-style cheering and booing, and Dimbledancing to the theme music.

Vogon Poetry Slam | Friday 25th May |  7.30pm | £5 / £3 in costume or with towel.

“The 25th of May is Douglas Adams’ birthday. Known as Towel Day or Geek Pride Day. To celebrate geekiness and weapons-grade-terrible poetry, the Whippersnapper Press is running their 2nd annual Vogon Poetry Slam. (Vogons write poetry which is widely considered to be the third worst in the galaxy.) Open mic slam – sign up on the night. There are two categories: nerdcore and so-bad-it’s-good. There will be prizes. There will be hoopy froods. There will be an unnecessarily bureaucratic voting system. Be there, be square and have a whale of a time.

The Whippersnapper Press (www.whippersnapperpress.com) is a not-for-profit arts group for short, sharp funny and innovative creative writing and spoken word performance.”


Eurovision Mega Party | Saturday 26th May |  £10/£9/£8

It’s big, it’s mad, it’s cringe-worthy, it’s hot, it’s (rigged?), it’s political, it’s silly, it’s multi-coloured, it’s extravagant, it’s filthy, it’s embarrassing…. It’s Eurovision, and we love it. There will be FANCY DRESS prizes, FREE GOODY BAGS, themed COCKTAILS, EURO-DANCE-OFFS (bring your Velcro skirts), hilarious activities, brilliant people, post-screening dance-floor fun… and of course a whole heap of big screen to project for the SHOW itself. Don’t fight it… come with cheers and boos (not booze, we’ll sort that) and get stuck in!

£10 / £9 Concs / £8 Members (inc donation to Children In Need).

Launch of the Crafty Time | Tuesday 29 May | 7.30pm | Free

Well, FINALLY… it’s here. The awesome arty crafty night of total brilliance you Hackney creatives have been waiting for. Non-creatives are welcome too… we don’t discriminate. Have a drink, have some cake, make something beautiful, or weird, learn a new skill at a workshop, buy homemade crafts, hang out, chill out, escape real life, escape people, meet people… There’s no right or wrong with craft. We kick-start the series celebrating designer Rosie Martin’s new book: ‘DIY Couture’ with sewing machines in-house for lessons, demos and everything. ⟨Insert your own brilliant finishing tagline here⟩.