Graeae & CIA launch free exhibition: Reframing the Myth

Graeae Theatre Company, the ultimate catalyst for change in theatre has launched a breathtaking new free exhibition with Central Illustration Agency to champion deaf & disabled artists.

Reframing the Myth | The Guardian Exhibition Space, Kings Place | 1-26 February | Free Entry

The exhibition features the work of 40 illustrators who have been partnered with Graeae Theatre Company’s actors, dancers, writers & directors. Each pairing has worked to produce a representation of the highs & lows of deaf and disabled community in the age of benefit cuts.

CIA artist Sir Peter Blake, himself a patron of Graeae, will be producing an original artwork illustrating the Greek Myth that gave the theatre company its name – a story of resourcefulness. This artwork will also be the first Blake artwork to be brought to life through animation by the CIA animation house Dog & Rabbit.

An illustration will be created LIVE to launch the exhibition tonight by CIA Illustrator Simon Spilsbury as Graeae Artist John Kelly performs a remix of Ian Dury’s ‘What a Waste’.

Graeae is a force for change in world-class theatre, breaking down barriers, challenging preconceptions and boldly placing Deaf and disabled artists centre stage.

Illustrations in main image from left to right: Anna Higgie, Mick Marston & Tim Marrs.

Here’s some awe-inspiring highlights in the exhibition:

SARA POPE Reframing the Myth-CopyRight-Sara-Pope

Sara Pope featuring GRAEAE’s unstoppable director Jenny Sealey MBE



Tobatron featuring Barbara Lisicki



Susan Burghart featuring Nadia Albina


Martin Haake featuring Stephen Collins

Martin Haake featuring Stephen Collins



Anna Higgie featuring David Ellington

See all of these illustrations and loads more inspiring work at the exhibition until 26 February