Globe to Globe Festival - £2.50 Tickets - Do Not Miss!

Globe to Globe Festival – £2.50 Tickets – Do Not Miss!

It’s been all over the news this week, so we’ll cut to the chase – we have managed to wangle £2.50 tickets for this world-class festival of theatre curated by Shakespeare’s Globe! Scroll down for our top 5 and a video preview.

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Our Globe to Globe To Do List – if you think you know Shakespeare these are gonna shake your world…

1 . Macbeth (Poland | Polish)

‘’In this sharply modern production which echoes the films of Lynch and Almodovar, transvestites, addicts and tracksuited gangsters wander the corridors and teeter on the brink of sanity.’’

Tuesday 8 May, 2.30pm | Wednesday 9 May, 7.30pm | Thursday 10 May, 2.30pm

2. Romeo and Juliet (Brazilian Portuguese)

 “Perhaps the Americas’ most famous production of the most famous play ever, Grupo Galpão’s carnivalesque Romeo and Juliet returns to the Globe with its thrilling mix of circus, music, dance and Brazilian folk culture.”

Saturday 19 May, 2.30pm | Sunday 20 May, 1.30pm & 6.30pm

3. Love’s Labour’s Lost (British Sign Language)

 “Deafinitely, who have worked at the Soho Theatre and the Tricycle Theatre, aim to build a bridge between deaf and hearing worlds by performing to both groups as one audience. This is the first time this has been attempted with a full Shakespeare play.”

Tuesday 22 May, 2.30pm | Wednesday 23 May, 7.30pm

4. The Merry Wives of Windsor (Nairobi | Swahili)

“Full of laughter and fun, this production, celebrating the wit and independence of urban African women, first played at the Harare International Festival of Arts in Zimbabwe, before travelling north to engage with the sun-soaked joys of the Swahili language.”

Wednesday 25 April, 2.30pm | Thursday 26 April, 7.30pm)

 5. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Seoul | Korean)

“This performance combines music, mime, song and dance to create an exhilarating adaptation of Shakespeare’s inventive and glittering comedy.”

Monday 30 April, 7.30pm | Tuesday 1 May, 7.30pm

P.S. There are too many to mention here, so please visit the rather quirky and wonderful fruit machine inspired website to find a gem of your own!