Free London Water Map - Help people, forget plastic with GiveMeTap

Free London Water Map – Help people, forget plastic with GiveMeTap

Mind-The-Tap-Logo-Transparent-SmallWe are thrilled to promote GetMeTap a new way of drinking water in London without using 1000s of plastic bottles a year and helping those in Africa to get access to clean water.

Check out the London Map of Free Water below to see where you can fill up for free in the capital.

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GiveMeTap was founded by Edwin Broni-Mensah, after experiencing difficulties in accessing tap water when away from home. He realised that while we have some of the best water here in the UK, we’re continually made to consume it out of billions of single-use plastic bottles. Whereas in Africa, 300 million people have access to highly polluted water and have no choice but to drink it.

That’s when he realised that through a stylish reusable water bottle, he could help both people here and aboard. To achieve this, Edwin made a commitment to provide one person in Africa with access to clean water for every two GiveMeTap bottles purchased. And enable the owner of each GiveMeTap bottle to easily get free water refills from partnering shops across the UK.


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