Who's Ready for an All Night General Election 2015 Binge?

Who’s Ready for an All Night General Election 2015 Binge?

The most important day in the UK political calendar is nearly upon us, so why not have an all night General Election 2015 binge with us?

Here are our preferred suggestions to help you through the hours of endless vote counting…

Whether it’s laughing at the ridiculousness of it all or getting wrecked at G-A-Y’s 36 hour binge, don’t miss out on some 7th May-hem!

If you know of any more exciting election binge events, please let us know in the comments below or tweet us @todolistldn.

Election Night at Theatre Delicatessen

There’s lots going on at Theatre Deli on Thursday night but we rather like the look of this:

Election Party at Theatre Deli feat Plunge & RIGHT HONOURABLE GENTLEMEN

Come join us for a fun night of anti-debate, including comedy, surrealist interactive performance, and a lot of drinking. Of course, we’ll also be live streaming election night, to fuel the frolics…


G-A-Y Bar 36 Hour Election Special

  • Open 36 Hours – From approx 1am
  • Going Live to BBC News.
  • No Pop Videos.
  • G-A-Y bar will be showing The Election Results as they come in and we Find out Who Is Prime Minister.


Lexington Election Special!

It’s election night and it’s the weirdest election since Pitt the Younger was installed by a mad king after becoming an MP by a single vote cast by a Dachshund named Colin*

We’re putting the coverage on the big screen, putting online coverage on the smaller (but still large) screens and plying you with pork pies, sausage rolls, pickles, beer, coffee and more coffee.

Finishing up from 6am we’ll be serving breakfast and packing you off loaded with enough coffee to make your handwriting look like the needle of a polygraph as a politician’s asked a yes/no question.

To book a table mail info@thelexington.co.uk (Let us know what you want for Breakfast!)

£4.50 – Eggs + Toast (fried, scrambled or poached)
£5.50 – Homemade sausage butty with scotch bonnet relish or bourbon HP
£8.50 – Full English with bacon, sausage, eggs, hash brown, chargrilled tomato, garlic kale and mushrooms.
+ Vegetarian Breakfast.

*That’s not quite how it happened, but it’s not far off…