FRUGL things to do this week

4 Surprising Frugl Things To Do This Week

This week our Frugl guide to London includes: Jerk Chicken, free massage & girl comedy.

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This week from Weds 20 January 2016

1. Get a free heat massage to make this Friday fantastic

‘We don’t have to take our clothes off, to have a good time, oh no’

Head for a free massage to treat yourself for surviving this miserable month.

Thermal Massage

2. Win big with Musical Bingo for just £12 £10 on Thursday at Concrete

No numbers just great songs on your bingo card themed by decade or random quirky subject for this top pop night out.

Musical Bingo

3. Have a giggle fit with Mae Martin & Sara Pascoe at The Saturday Show at The Invisible Dot

Quirky comedy hub The Invisible Dot is the perfect excuse to explore the new fun to be had in former seedy area Kings Cross.


4. 50% off a whole Jerk Chicken (£24 £12) at Rudie’s in Dalston on Monday

Jerk Chicken