5 Frugl Things to Do This Week in London

5 Frugl Things to Do This Week in London


We’ve partnered with ace new London marketplace Frugl to bring you a weekly guide to the finest independent London has to offer – at a great price!

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This week from Wednesday 7 October 2015

1. A healthy boost for under £5 at Market Green on Friday

Spitalfields hot stuff Market Green have opened a new cafe and you’re invited to try one of their specials. Their menu is ever-changing with the seasons – here’s a selection you might see, or why not try something new:

Vietnamese Meatballs: pork, shitake mushrooms flavoured in fish sauce, oven-grilled
Saucy Chicken:  coated in paprika, slow cooked in pomegranate sauce for 4 hours.
Grilled Salmon: honey, soy sauce, ginger, coriander, garlic & red onion
Saigon Chicken Curry: marinated with ginger, fish sauce lemongrass, shallot & curry paste for 12 hours.

market green food - frugl offer

2. Get a free haircut

Meet up-and-coming hair stylist Skie Coggin and get a free haircut in this gorgeous salon on Bethnal Green Road.

beau london free haircut frugl

3. Meet a new BEZZIE this Friday at The FriendZone

London ain’t the most friendly of places to newcomers and old timers alike. But behold The FriendZone, here to create a space to build bridges between us and give you a great night out with some new best mates.


4. Get closer to the music with this unique gig in a church on Saturday – just £8 with Jam Sandwich

Escape the city and sticky floors of traditional music venues and see some spellbinding performances by next generation alternative stars.

jam sandwich frugl

Photo by Lost Chord Management

5. Treasure Island exists in Hackney – secure your quirky piece of history this Saturday!

Our favourite market mogul Mark Farhall brings a cornucopia of vintage treasure, records & handmade independent sellers to Abney Hall on Saturday.

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