From Home

From Home – Call for 3 minute ‘home’ videos

The From Home project for Brighton Digital Festival need your videos from home – a place we’re all spending a lot of time in right now, perhaps far more than we ever expected!

Using a phone, or whatever camera you have availableyou can talk about anything connected to the theme of home for up to 3 minutesYou can talk straight to camera, or if you prefer you can give a performance, song, dance, or use animation – be as creative or as straightforward as you wish.

You can choose any subject as long as there’s a connection to the theme, or you introduce your video with a link to the theme – for example as the kind of work or activity you’d normally be doing outside the home.

The videos will be shown at an installation during the festival, or in a virtual VR installation first, if the festival is delayed. The installation will explore the idea of home and also serve as a record of these unusual times.

More info and how to submit your videos

If you’ve got any questions send them to 

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