Preview: Frogman at Shoreditch Town Hall, 4-14 April 2018

Preview: Frogman at Shoreditch Town Hall, 4-14 April 2018

Frogman by curious directive

A curious directive, Hull UK City of Culture 2017, The Deep, The Old Market co-production in association with Brisbane Powerhouse

Shoreditch Town Hall

4-14 April | Limited Capacity | £15

Having caught a glimpse of Frogman at The Traverse Theatre during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017, we can definitely recommend curious directive’s innovative take on VR as it arrives at Shoreditch Town Hall!

They Say:

Frogman is a coming-of-age thriller exploring the fragility of the childhood imagination.

A ground-breaking Virtual Reality/live theatre hybrid from the ever questioning boundary-pushing, curious directive.

‘curious directive are theatre pioneers’

The Daily Telegraph (2017)

Need three reasons why you should see Frogman at Shoreditch Town Hall? Well…
  1. The immersive fusion of VR technology and live theatre is a real treat.
  2. You get to explore a tropical coral reef, underwater, without worrying about safety or getting wet! From Shoreditch Town Hall to the Great Barrier reef, along with full 360° sound design!
  3. You’ll delve into the lives of the characters from a totally unique perspective.
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