Free beer at Shakespeare's Globe for 'The Lighning Child'

Free Beer at Shakespeare’s Globe – ‘The Lightning Child’

See ‘The Lightning Child’ – a musical remix of Euripides’ The Bacchae, by Ché  Walker and Arthur Darvill – for just £5 with a FREE beer!

We love the warning:

“Please note: Production contains filthy language and strong content.”

And also the rather racy description:

“History, sex, funk, gender schism, politics, repression, addiction, envy, tragedy and more sex collide. This psychedelic, anarchic remix of The Bacchae combines crossdressing, drug abuse, internet porn and classical myth; all told with a Shakespearean disregard for the usual conventions of time and place.”

And now you can make your debauched night even more rowdy with this free beer offer…

Free Beer Offer

Claim your free beer:

Coral Messam (Maenad), Sheila Atim (Maenad) and Clemmie Sveaas (Antonia)  (c) Simon Annand

Coral Messam (Maenad), Sheila Atim (Maenad) and Clemmie Sveaas (Antonia)
(c) Simon Annand

Free Beer Offer - Shakespeare's Globe

When booking a yard (standing) ticket for The Lightning Child (online or over the phone), please quote the code: ‘PCDYARDANDBEER

Details and online booking here:

Box Office: 02017 401 9919

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