Review: Fool's Moon at Soho Theatre - ★★★★

Review: Fool’s Moon at Soho Theatre – ★★★★

Clowning around takes centre stage at this quirky cabaret showcase of oddball performance and offbeat mayhem.

Fool’s Moon | Soho Theatre | 5 July

Paulina Lenoir hosts an hour of out-there dance and clownery for an audience hungry for the bizarre and beautiful – and Fool’s Moon doesn’t disappoint.

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It’s hard to think of a better escape, from the depressing reality that is 21st Century Britain, than an evening in the company of Paulina Lenoir and pals.

Conformity and regulation are abandoned, as performances seemingly spontaneously erupt into our consciousness. To Do List FIVE-STAR FAVE Frankie Thompson has us, as always, yelping with joy; Ella The Great, as Richard Melanin III, makes stilt walking beneath a low ceiling the most inexplicably funny thing you’ll see this year; Sara Segovia treats us all – and one ‘lucky’ audience member – to a taste of her very essence; Sarah Woolfenden gives timeless introvert clown on a trumpet; and Salad Bag (directed by Dolly Kershaw) bring the house down with what can only be described as…no, it can’t be described.

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Salad Bag

Fool’s Moon is a monthly cabaret night, with a rolling cast of performers, so you’re guaranteed something new each time – and on this experience, we wouldn’t fear recommending it to anyone who needs some exciting, fearless, experimental performance in their lives.

Fool’s Moon is like a palate cleanser, totally bonkers and brilliant foolishness erasing, at least temporarily, the bitter taste of life in this post-Brexit hell-hole of our own creation!