Fabulous Female Fringe Funnies: A guide to Female Comedians at Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Fabulous Female Fringe Funnies: A guide to Female Comedians at Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Here at To Do List, we actively seek funny female comedians in a world still dominated by straight, white men!

We’ve put together a week of funny female comics that we have tried and tested!

We’ve been out and about seeing Edinburgh Fringe previews over the last month and have picked out a stellar line up – one for each day of the week in Edinburgh (or if you’re just there for a couple of days why not see three on one day and four on the other!)


Olga Koch: If/Then | Monkey Barrel Comedy | Aug 1-13, 15-25 | 16:30

Ease into a week of laughter with Olga Koch’s progressive love themed show. As a former computer programming student, Koch is firmly feminist and her intelligent jokes and warm stage presence make for a great Monday show. Oh, and did we mention that she was nominated for Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer last year? See her while she’s still on the up.


Tiff Stevenson: Mother | Monkey Barrel Comedy | Aug 1-25 | 21:15

Upping the ante on feminism in comedy is the well-known and well-loved Tiff Stevenson. This is will be her 9th Edinburgh solo show, with Fringe appearances dating back to 2006. Stevenson’s experience and understanding of her craft and audience are clear throughout every minute of this personal, political and passionate hour.


Sarah Keyworth: Pacific | Pleasance Courtyard | Aug 1-12, 14-25 | 17:45

Sarah Keyworth’s perfectly hilarious deadpan manner is ideal for an hour of observations and anecdotes covering a wide variety of topics, from sexuality to mooncups to silly names. Keyworth was another Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nominee and we think she is most definitely destined for great things.


Sophie Duker: Venus | Pleasance Courtyard | Aug 1-13, 15-25 | 19:00

A show that rides the line of black comedy just right, Sophie Duker’s Venus has you laughing out loud whilst another part of your brain wonders a split second too late if you were supposed to go there. It’s a woke debut show from a triple threat minority – Duker is black, female and queer, and will help you giggle your way into an examination of privilege and prejudice.


Jen Brister – Under Privilege | Monkey Barrel Comedy | Aug 1-11, 13-25 | 19:45

Jen Brister is a comedic force like no other. Her wickedly funny rage is interspersed with gentler musings and all of it is cleverly considered and composed to bring a punchy edge of laugh out loud humour. Brister’s show is about privilege – the privilege she can see in her children and can only hope they will recognise and utilise for good. It makes for an importantly fresh whirlwind of an hour.


Catherine Bohart: Lemon | Pleasance Courtyard | Aug 1-12, 14-25 | 18:00

Lemon is the perfect Saturday night show – combining the throw-away with the thought-provoking and all with cheeky wit and Irish charm. Catherine Bohart explores sex and relationships, navigating sexuality and cultural norms. Bohart manages to balance a great stage presence with a hint of self-deprecation, sweetly delivering pithy punchlines in a manner suggesting a great deal more than her mere 4 years in comedy.


Maisie Adam: Hang Fire | Gilded Balloon Teviot | Aug 1-26 | 17:00

A long form show with a beginning, a middle and an end, Hang Fire is a show about blame and notoriety and about owning our mistakes. It’s a well-crafted hour complete with props! And Maisie Adam holds the audience warmly and confidently as she takes us through a line-up of wrong-doing celebrities, via a wealth of personal transgression, and all the way to an unexpected revelation.


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