London's Free Pop-Up Tech Festival Launches Today in Spitalfields

London’s Free Pop-Up Tech Festival Launches Today in Spitalfields

roadshow-content-bg-1We live la vie geeky and are excited to hear Intel is bringing some the latest immersive digital experiences to Spitalfields Market in their free pop-up festival, Experience Intel. Intrepid nerds can experience brand new technology, games and interactive displays.

Experience Intel | 12-14 July 2013 | Spitalfields Market | Free

The market itself will play host to some extraordinary entertainment including:

  • Acrobatics, scavenger hunts, on-the-spot prizes, free refreshments & face painting.
  • Getting your grubby hands on with some of the latest devices – including the latest two-in-one Ultrabook™ devices, tablets, smartphones and all-in ones – provided by Acer*, Asus*, Dell*, Hewlett Packard*, Lenovo*, Motorola*, Panasonic*, Samsung*, Sony*,and Toshiba*.
  • XPogo Watch as extreme-pogo-jumpers perform astonishing aerobatics, reaching heights on their souped-up pogo sticks of more than 10ft in the air. The XPogo team film and edit videos of their performances in real time and have become a YouTube sensation in the 10 years since this quirky sport first launched.
  • AcroYoga Yoga and technology – you’ll be amazed how well these two fit, as you watch this uber-flexible duo perform a series of yoga-inspired strength, balance and lifting moves with an Ultrabook at centre stage!

Some of the interactive games include:


As the tour travels the world, Intel is inviting people to create their very own personalised glider. These are unique, beautiful digital artworks modelled on para-gliders. Users can create and decorate bespoke designs and then set them free in the digital universe, flying them alongside those created by other people all over the world.


A new type of game created especially for the ‘convertible’ Ultrabook format. Use an Ultrabook as a tablet to hand draw a new terrain in another universe, then flip it open to watch as a whole world of forests, jungles and grasses materialise. Use the Terra-mower to clear paths around your newly created planet and score points and bonus prizes. But be careful – too many hills and valleys in your terrain and you’ll lose control of your Terra-mower. This game is all about skill and tactics – build the best terrain for your Terra-mower and then try to score maximum points on a global leaderboard!