Eurovision Live Blog - To Do List Style!

Eurovision Live Blog – To Do List Style!

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Yes, It’s Eurovision Time! And The To Do List Live Blog Returns To Guide You Through Every Madcap Minute!

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Join us from 7:45pm for our favourite European singing competition of the year… We’ve got a reporter in Sweden who will (alcoholic intake allowing) be sending us updates from the Malmö Arena, and cheering on Bonnie as she tries to escape the bottom of the table…

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WE WANT TO BELIEVE IN BONNIE – but we might need some help! Email me at to join in the fun from the comfort of your living room/office/bedroom/porn den – send us jokes, comments, abuse, whatever takes your fancy. We’ll publish the best stuff…

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Posts by Stuart, the To Do List Assistant Editor – tweet me at @StuDoList. The live blog stream should refresh automatically, but if not, just hit Refresh (or F5, CTRL-R, whatever floats your browser’s boat).


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