New Cult Art-Toon from Erarta & Our Top 3 London Squares (Sponsored Post)

New Cult Art-Toon from Erarta & Our Top 3 London Squares (Sponsored Post)

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We here at To Do List love art and wanted to show you this extra special new video release ‘The Adventures of BB Square‘, from our partner Erarta – an amazing Russian art museum which is all about bringing great art to you.

We think they’ve done an awesome job with this new offbeat video:

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Created by the renowned film animation duo of Dmitry Visotskiy and Andrey Sikorskiy, the quirky art-toon features a cute little square called ‘BB Square’, which comes from Malevich’s ‘The Black Square’ painting. BB Square comes alive and moves in with an ordinary family. However all is not as it seems – he has a special ability to teleport characters from the art world into real life. BB Square takes his newly adopted family on a series of whirlwind arty adventures for you to enjoy.

In the vein of our favourite offbeat cartoon Daria, the cartoon explores the eternal themes of friendship, love and family values, as well as modern issues such as internet obsessions, plastic surgery and get­‐rich‐quick schemes, all through the eyes of history’s most iconic art.

The head of the Erarta Fund Vadim Varvarin says that the cartoon series ‘shows that masterpieces are full of human traits and act in ways that people can relate to’ and ‘give people a new way to connect to art and most importantly, enjoy its presence in their lives’.

The first four episodes of The Adventures of BB Square are now available to view on Erarta’s YouTube channel at A total of 12 episodes have been created and will be released over the coming months.

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London’s Top 3 Squares

The Adventures of BB Square have got us excited about London’s squares. Here are 3 of our faves:

Hoxton Square

It’s hip to be a square, definitely true of Hoxton Square which is packed full of hipster haunts including Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen and cool co-working space Shoreditch Village Hall.

Trafalgar Square

Currently home to Katarina Fritch’s Hahncock, packed with free festivals & events and home to the National Gallery – this must be one of the artiest squares in town. Check out events on Trafalgar Square here.

Sloane Square

Home of the Sloane ranger in the 1980s, the Sloane Square area (although not strictly a square in the geometric sense) is packed full of culture including the Royal Court Theatre, and a stones throw from the Saatchi Gallery.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]