Guided Missile Presents: The End of the World

Guided Missile Presents: The End of the World

We’re pretty confident that the world won’t end on Friday – we’ve got tickets to see Fuerzabruta at the Roundhouse on NYE!

But just in case, why not go out with a bang? And as bangs go, we reckon this is the best one…

Guided Missile presents… THE END OF THE WORLD | Buffalo Bar | Thursday 20th December, 8pm | £6

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GLAM CHOPS (Art Brut/David Devant)
Eddie Argos (Art Brut), Mikey Georgeson (David Devant/Mr Solo) and friends play their first gig in 2 years. “The plan is to do a whole set of Christmas songs”.

Once seen, never forgotten! A tribute band to the versatile piano jollity of the post-war light entertainment phenomena that was Mrs Mills.


Stuart Faulkner, artist and former bassist in Pink Grease, presents a musical Blobby experience.


“Drinks are spilt. Gobs are creaking open. There’s a girl group on stage – and Japan certainly seems to be their point of origin – but do human beings this uncomplicated really still exist?

Once you get over their innocence, the second most striking thing about No Cars is their gimmick; it’s a sheet music stand in front of the stage. On it are about 10 cards with illustrations on them. After each song, they pull the cards off to reveal cartoons, maps… weird doodles. Which may well be very ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’ – but it’s twisted too. The band play 1950s heartbreak classics with the odd screaming breakdown thrown in to keep the punks happy. Japanese bands are well known for ripping off the West and making it seem fresh – but this is actually moving. “Next song is everyone’s favourite!” she says, introducing ‘Tuna Tuna Tuna’. It’s good, and I agree that it’s my favourite. But then she says “Next song is everyone’s favourite!” introducing ‘12345 Rock’, which is also good in a Belle and Sebastian kinda way. But hang on – surely logic has gone out the window here? Whatever. No Cars are a bubblegum band, and the audience is chewing. “We have to go back to Japan now but we see you later!” the singer announces – and though we don’t believe her, we’re happy to encourage the new Queens of Cute.” – Ric Rawlins